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About: Debbie Trilling

SL Content Creator. Particle Artist. Good dancer too.

Scroll down to 'Script Contributions' for Open Source scripts released by Debbie Trilling

For free copy of the Profile Projector, plus many other quality freebies from the following SL Content Creators, visit 'The Particle Garden' (SLURL below)

  • Debbie Trilling ('The Particle Crucible' & 'TwistedWerks Fireworks')
  • Gypsy Paz ('Gypsy Gadgets' & 'TwistedWerks Fireworks')
  • Duggy Bing ('Cartoonimals')

Projects and Exhibitions

Projects & Exhibitions

Creative Director for Second Life performance of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and "The Wall V-2". See following link for 'The Director's Hack' machineima of this production:

Special effects artist for SL video presented to delegates at RL NASA World Conference:

Creator of 'The Particle Garden ~ the Art and Science of SL Particles':

Co-proprietor of 'TwistedWerks Fireworks' ~ superior quality SL firework systems: IM Debbie Trilling or Gypsy Paz for further details

Particle Artist & Scripter for Duggy Bing's fabulous "must-see" Cartoonimals:

Particle Artist for the incredible 'Titan Cannon' manufactured by Novum Inc.: (as seen in 'The Wall' production)

Particle Artist for the sophisiticated 'M41a Pulse Rifle' manufactured by Delta Project: (as seen in 'The Wall' production)

Content Creator for Exploratorium - the museum of Science, Art and Human Perception:

Content Creator for SpoLand - the museum of Science, Art and Human Imperfection:

Member of the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) team at the Art Gallery Diabolus:

SL Photography and AV Portraits (Mature) (Flickr):

Co-Owner of the private 'V-2' dance club on Gravitys Rainbow sim:

Co-Owner of the beautiful 'Gravitys Rainbow' sim. My home; where my heart is:

Enthusiast and SL historian of the 'V-2' rocket:

Forthcoming Projects

"Metropolis": SL production of Fritz Lang's 1927 classic B&W film. Work in progress; expected early 2009

"V-2 ~ Gravity's Rainbow": based on Thomas Pynchon's novel and the WW2 'V-2' rocket

"Hubble in Particles": re-creating the Hubble pictures of the early universe in SL particles

Non-Random Profile Picture

Stably random

Script Contributions

Random AV Profile Projector

Random AV Particle Name Generator