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I'm Derek Garrigus, originally from Germany in that elusive hallucination we call the real world. In that life I have traveled a bit, studies a bit, worked a bit and very probably loved not enough :)

In SL I have found a lot of ways to recreate past mistakes and even discovered a few new flaws, but I also have found the real person I really love (really), and a great bunch of friends.

To give back some of those great times, I try to serve as a mentor. Most of the times you can find me on OIs in late night CET shifts, as my technical abilities concerning SL building and scripting are pitiful. Nevertheless I try to supply as much patience and encouragement as possible, and have fun watching new residents make their first steps, helping them back on their feet whenever necessary.

I speak English and German, am not that far away from my forties in real life, and always love a chat.