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Dilbert Dilweg. Born: 6/19/2006 Creator and Founder of Sweethearts jazz Club [1] and Founder/creator of Phat Cat's Together, Dilbert Dilweg and Charity Colville Created some of the most unforgettable venues in Second Life In 2006 there was very little for Jazz clubs and clean PG venues. Dilbert Dilweg saw the need and got together with Charity Colville and created the largest Jazz Movement in SL. Together they ushered in the movement. Everyone copied their business model and became successful in their own rights. This was Dilberts Main goal and succeeded.

After they sold Phat cats and moved together in Real Life. They Decided to start another venture. This gave birth to Sweethearts jazz Club. Dilbert Ran Sweethearts and populated it and made it once again another popular venue in SL.

Dilbert spends a lot of time helping new residents and old residents find their way in Second Life. After selling Sweethearts He began his quest to learn mesh modeling, which has led to his new found business called "Meshmerized". Meshmerized by Design are mesh designs created by Dilbert.

Dilbert has always been open to teach and help anyone who needs it in Second Life. He feels that, the more people we help and raise up. the stronger the community will be. He is right :)