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Creation date: 06/15/2005 - (10 years 5 months; 3812 days)

I am not here to chat, really; I just enjoy writing code that ends up in interactive objects.

Visitor notes:

Hi - you've reached my personal page for some notes about developing and creation within and outside of SecondLife - via LSL or any other means. If you're looking for more information about me... well, I guess I could link you to my blog(s) but I don't know if that'll help or not. See ... perhaps it'll help?

The following are notes that I'm using to keep track of various ideas in SL.
A bullet point with nothing beside it is a bullet in progress; a bullet point
with an H next to it will be Half addressed whilst one with
an F next to it will be Fully addressed.

Dominick's Development Notes:

  • H Want to create a sphere with arcs that spin around it - using scripts to rez everything. Tried it - ugly looking so far.

Dominick's Questions to Investigate/Ask Support/In-game folks:

  • Since there's Mono support - can I just program with and convert to Mono?
  • F Investigating the idea of having a language whose backend code generator creates LSL code - has it been done already? There are a few tools at the LSL Tutorial - the one that I've investigated so far is the scratch for second life variant.
  • I want a set of Dominoes like what was shown in the Google Talks video; also curious about that *magic wand* still. Based on this Google TechTalk here, from 2006.
  • Is there a viewer primarily for creating prims, editing scripts, etc?
  • H Does the contact an LSL mentor script still work? It does work - no mentors online as of [8:22 AM 10/08/2015]. Is there an updated version of it? Haven't investigated.

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