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Hi. I'm Donovan Preston.


You can follow what I am currently doing on twitter:


I started at Linden on 5/30/2006. Previously, I worked at various startups:

Most of my experience is in HTTP related backend stuff. I have implemented several HTTP servers in Python, so I know all about Etags, If-Modified-Since and 304 Not Modified, Expires, and stuff like that. I also have a large amount of experience with non-blocking network IO, having been a principal contributor to Twisted, an event-driven, continuation passing style networking framework written in Python. At Slide, I created a coroutine-based networking stack which used Greenlets to manage context switching, creating a cooperatively threaded (underpinned with non-blocking IO) high performance networking layer that I then built HTTP servers on top of.

I came to Linden Lab through Mark Lentczner, whom I collaborated with briefly on Wheat in the summer of 2005. My Python-based web framework Nevow has a lot of the same concepts as Wheat, except Wheat has the distinct advantage of using a language designed explicitly for the web, unlike Python.

Office Hours

I guest-hosted Zero Linden's office hours on [May 24]