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SL USER NAME: Drakon Lameth
Race: Shapeshifter
SL Gender: WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
Time in SL: 4 Years and counting (10/1/05 entry)

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Drakon started SL as a newbie, like everyone else. No surprise there. There were no OIs when starting, nor was there much view of any volunteers to assist the newbies... So, Drakon roamed... found the sim Taco, found the newbie sandboxes... After a few months living in the sandboxes in the newbie quartet that he started in, Drakon slowly learned the building tools, and migrated to friend's lands, and eventually to places like the FurNation sandboxes... After building came 2 arts to learn... Scripting, which still has some eluding it does to Drakon, and prim-copy, the art of taking someting, and duplicating its prim works to be able to use it with your things, such as adding -mod jewlery to prim shins, or vice versa.

Drakon was once a mentor, but after answering a question in group chat, instead of IMing the person with the answer, Drakon got booted from the Second Life Mentors group... because with over 1000 people doing nothing but commenting and answering questions in group chat, the Lindens got fed up with the spam, and decreed that answering a question so others who might have the same question got the answer is against the group rules, and grounds for a non-arguable boot.

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Drakon can be reached the following ways:
email - (Make sure the subject says its SL related, or you may be one with the spam filter)
AIM: dragonlordcarter
YIM: Dragonlord_Carter
ICQ: 244099938
XFIRE: vaporcub
(You can usually find me as either Chakat Sandhorn, {BFG} Vapor, or Drakon "the Many" Lameth )

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Behind the Screen:

Drakon is know in the "real world" by the first name of Dwayne, and used to live in the Willamette Vally in Oregon. then, he lived 15min from Columbia, Maryland... and is now back to the valley in OR.

Beyond that, ask him.