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The Open Source viewer is a compilation of bug fixes and new features based on an official Second Life build, which Linden Lab has further released as open source. It is not an official release. Its main purpose is to help speed the process by which bug fixes and new features are accepted into the official build (Open Source Meeting/2007-07-12). If you would like to help in the process to test bug fixes or new features, you may download the latest version from the Open Second Life Community Code (OSLCC) repository.

To avoid confusion over the generic "Open Source" title, releases from OSLCC will have their own version name.

Second Life - Sandbox Edition

Current version is:

That version specifies that the added bug fixes and new features are based on the official build. The "OS.#" is the extended patch level off the official build. The latest viewer has a primary highest version sequence and a secondary highest extended patch level.

SandBox Edition Features

Here is a few of them:

  • SSE2 Optimizations
  • Improved CPU detection
  • vwr-1110 In-world OBJ to Sculpty importer
  • vwr-1017 Mute Visibility
  • vwr-1736 Invite to Group option added to the Avatar Pie Menu
  • vwr-178 'view group info' added to invite dialog box
  • The patches found in the Nicholaz Edition.

...and much more. Refer to the patches below for all of them.


Most patches originate from JIRA and are associated with the JIRA issue identifier. Patches may also originate from source code released from Linden Lab or from open source developers. All patches applied to the Open Source Viewer are included with release.

The filenames of the patches indicate from where they originated. They may have been modified in order to apply them cleanly or for minor last minute fixes. Some patches conflict and may need to be combined with other patches, and these are noted in the filenames. Each patch has the suffix "patch.txt" to indicate it is a patch. Before that suffix is the version of the Open Source Viewer for which the patch was first applied or modified to be re-applied.

The current source of the patches can also be found in the Open Second Life Community Code "Source Code Only" packages Patches

  • lldynamicsharedobject.
  • llpolyskeletaldistortion.
  • llviewersse2.
  • newview.files.lst.
  • svn.lldrawable.h.release.r51-r61.1.18.0.OS.3.patch.txt
  • viewer.cpp.
  • vwr-0000.AND.svn.llv4.release.r61.
  • vwr-1748.AND.svn.llviewerjointmesh.cpp.r61.