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Hello! I'm Ed Jinxing.

Ed in Forest 001.jpg Ed Pinkcat 001.jpg

Whew! It's been four years since I've edited this wiki, so here goes. I've been a rezz-ident of Second Life since September 2006, and kicked off the 2008 New Year as a volunteer to the Second Life Mentor program. Then this Baby Boomer decided to go back to school for my degree in graphic arts, and disappeared for nearly 3 years.

English is my first language, but I can hold my own in Typonese as well. My mentoring style is more of a roving knights-errant, giving aid as needed in whatever sim I may be in. You will most often see me in-world as the Black Dog with Green Glasses, although I sometimes shape-shift into the more recognizably human cybernations.

In RL I'm a graphic artist. For better or worse, I also have the experiences and baggage of the Baby Boom generation. (I initiated the Second Life in AARP Group: [1] but I guess I'm not yet ready for the AARP mindset -- retirement is impossible -- so this has languished.) All of this comes tumbling with me into SL, hopefully leaving RL troubles behind. Maybe I can be a good resource for you in more ways than one.

I'm always seeking to increase my building and LSL Scripting skills. I make silly little accessories for my avies -- a leaky fire hydrant to pee on when I'm a dog, a lighted headlamp and walking stick for exploring (I love hiking in camping IRL as well as SL, and maybe a few other things not to be mentioned in mixed company, heh heh...

Certainly there is so much in RL and SL I don't know, so I strive to learn something new. After nearly six years in-world, I'm just barely scratching the surface in scripting my creations. Many sims that that I had landmarked when I left are gone, and SL has changed so much in character, not all of it for the good, unfortunately. And there are so many sims I have yet to explore.

But do you need help in customizing your avatars, or smoothly switching among them?

Making and uploading new textures?

Keeping your vast inventory of freebie junk under control?

Or do you just want camaraderie and intelligent discourse with someone in another part of the real world?

Well, if you think I might be able to help you, please send me an IM.