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Effie Emmons is the owner of Effie's Designs on the sim, Snow Crash. Click Here to Visit

Effie's Designs is a home decor store with castle and estate owners in mind. Furnishings include:

- Sofas - Chairs - Tables - Lighting Fixtures - Candles - Bookcases - Buffets - and Much More!

Although Effie's tends towards Gothic styling, many items are versatile and can be used in different settings. Furnishings will add an elegant touch to any Second Life home.

Effie's Designs is also a Live Music Venue. Effie hosts approximately one event a month. Events usually have three live music artists performing and have a theme. Effie usually also surprises her guests with free gifts for attending. Past artists have included Edward Kyomoon, Lightnin Lowtide, Niles Compton, Nad Gough, Kim Seifert, Stella Silvansky, and many more.

Effie is also a real life educator and keeps tabs on the educational groups in Second Life. Effie is a member of Second Life Educators.