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Elite Runner (Display name: Ryan R. Elite) is a Second Life resident in which he first joined Second Life in 2008 under his former Second Life name Elite Jigsaw. On 2009.03.21-Sa, his inventory was messed up, and Elite Jigsaw doesn't know what to do, so the old account Elite Jigsaw got discontinued and the new account Elite Runner was created. He is the founder and leader of Team Elite Second Life. He was the leader of ELITE 3000 Second Life before handing over powers to siren Bellic in early June 2012. He mistakenly canceled the account in late summer 2010 as he was going to take a break from Second Life. Then Elite contacted Linden Lab to restore the account, then waited. In November 2010, Linden Lab restored Elite Runner and Elite regained possession of the account. During the wait, ELITE 3000 has to create a mule account: Elite3000 Abbot to continue experience to Second Life, but when Elite Runner got restored, Elite Runner canceled Elite3000 Abbot. In 2011, Elite Runner partnered with Dylan Serin (Display name: Stan Smith) to discuss a variety of topics. In 2013, Elite Runner also partnered with JimJamenson. Dylan Serin and JimJamenson are his assistants for Team Elite Enterprises Productions, a multi-virtual world group.

What he has done?/What he does?

Elite Runner occasionally does Youtube videos as part of Team Elite video series. When not doing that, then he goes to regions that he goes to. He goes to a region he visited the most (like his place). He also meets in a gathering of people of the event or discussion (like certain office hour meets). He hacks into builds and scripts that is modifiable, or full-prem. Sometimes, he builds his own. He have one vehicle he builds He sells his vehicles inworld and on the SL Marketplace. He used to sell the Lanco Ena 8, Jaguar, Raptor, Shark, Butterfly and the 2012 Zitsubisho Eclipse and the 2012 Porshzat Cayman RS. He runs a shop called "Team Elite store" and it's embedded with the Team Elite Second Life. He made the working speedometer with odometer, a GPS-like system, an altimeter, and a clock. Before November 2009, Elite Runner's HUD gauges was separate. Then, he linked all 3 HUD gauges together into one. Elite rezzed his HUD gauges onto some object and made 3 tubes, then linked the tubes and the gauges together, then he placed the gauges to his FX 2500 (then renamed to the Shark). He tested it on a while in the FX 2500, then he needs to add wheels, but the prim count for the FX 2500 is 31, so he ditched the clock and added wheels. He then further ditched the analog altimeter and discontinued the all-in-one HUD (then relaunching the next generation all-in-one HUD in July 2011). He first obtained the SL Twitter HUD from an unknown source and used it, even sells the item in the in-world shop and on XStreet (now the SL Marketplace) in which it was discontinued due to Twitter OAuth switchover. He also creates his raingear clothing, and a date display system in which it shows the year, month, day of month and day of week. He went to Pug to meet new friends, and go down the track. He likes to simboard, swim, skydive and scuba dive on the grid and drive on role-play city streets and on Linden roads and race on the speedway, either on the oval or the track with many turns, even down the dragstrip in the 2013 Zapax. On 2011.02.05-Sa, Elite Runner partnered with Eight Blinker to built a HUD for the FIZIX-based cars, including the vehicles he made, and Eight and Elite made 2 styles. Eight built his own version but Elite built the version that is the same as the dash of the car. Elite Runner also participated in role-playing but he likes to use a melee weapon (like a baseball bat or a sword) instead of a shotgun, handgun or a rifle (either in full-auto or semi-auto), but he uses a firearm for target practice, and for sport, and for certain circumstances in RP cities when/if melee weapons isn't right for the job. In early 2011, Elite Runner went to the TRON Legacy adventures from the SLURL from Torley Linden's Flickr photos. He became addicted as he explores the Tron Grid in Second Life and got some TRON gear like light cycles, identity discs, light jets, batons, and TRON clothing! He conducted disc wars with other residents and does a light cycle battle with other players. He visited the TRON mall and checked out the stuff, even checking out the Second Life Marketplace for TRON items. He noticed that it's part of Amber raceway as Elite Runner explores the 4 sims (now 3) and drove the car over the tracks. In October or November 2011, Elite Runner brought a mesh clock from the marketplace that is full perm and slapped on his clock face and changed the clock hands and made 4 copies and modified it to show in-world clock time, SL time, Eastern time and in-world non-linear solar time.

His home in Second Life

His first home in Second Life was Teal island. He placed his stuff from the inventory, including the SLI fire alarms. He give a tour of his former home in Second Life on Youtube. He also rezzed a lag meter to check on the region lag. At his sandbox, he built his dream home with a garage. Once his rent close to expiration, he packed up the stuff back to the inventory, and left. Elite was finding a new home that was cheap. He found a residential land to rent, so he brought it, and rezzed his new home and his stuff. Then after weeks living there, Elite's friend came to his residence and his friend says he needs a new home, so he blew up his old home and rezzed his new home. After a few weeks, there was a dispute on owning the items, then his friend returned the items to Elite's inventory, That's when Elite revoked his friend's priveliges and Elite ejected and banned his friend. He even unfriended that person. This forced Elite to move to his new home in an RP sim, at least temporarly. Then when Elite noticed the sim was closing, he lost his home, so he has to move to a new location, and that was Tanglewood, 2 sims from Little Blue Sandbox, then in Heron Island as of May-June 2010, then back to Tanglewood and then to Solace Lake as of July 2011 and to Merlin Gardens in November 2011 then Gambier Islands then Wind Struck then to Sugulite Island, then to various sims within the estate then to Giano Estates then to Lionheart Estates, then to Anshe Chung sims then to Lionheart once again.

Elite brought a home and furniture from the Second Life Marketplace and an inworld store in 2012 and placed it beside the Team Elite building. He got rid of the home months later.

In late 2013, Elite placed his stuff in a tower that his friend built and called it the Team Elite Alison Tower.

Elite Runner's vehicles

Elite Runner collects his vehicles and shows them off to his friends. He has several vehicles in his inventory, in the special folder. He also have a collection of Eightland Racing cars. He drives his 2014 Zapax hatchback. He also have a Vetox FS simboard, a jetski, cars from NTBI (aka Astaro, SZYM and Lusch Motors), and an RV.

"The EliteMobile project"

The first car he made was the EliteMobile project. It was a car in development. It was featured in one of the ELITE 3000 Youtube videos. It was a convertable. The project began when he hacked into the modifiable cars, then used his logo and the Torley's textures. He made changes to it, and removed the Torley's textures. He added the working speedometer. He then converts it into a hatchback. One day, once Elite brought the Fizix D2-spec chassis 0.46, he converted the EliteMobile into the FIZIX-based car. Then one day, he named it the EX 3000.

EX 3000/Rex

The EX 3000 (then the Rex) was the hatchback car based on the Fizix D2-spec 0.46. It was a 2-seater vehicle. Elite first named it from the predecessor "the Elitemobile project". He was driving his car until he reviews it with Eight Blinker, who was the owner of the group, FIZIX (now called Eightland Racing). Eight told Elite the car needs improvements, so Elite revamped the EX 3000 from the ground up, and the result was the new styling of the EX 3000. He then worked on the hatchback, the sunroof and the doors. In January 2010, Elite Renamed the EX 3000 to the 2010 Rex. In May 2010, the 2010 Rex was discontinued, replacing with the 2010 Zapax.

Zapax/Porshzat Cayman RS/Zitsubisho Eclipse/Lanco Ena 8

The 2013 Zapax is a 2-seater hatchback with the Eightland Racing (formerly FIZIX) powertrain with the D2-spec 0.5 and formerly Murray V12 0.499 scripted by Eight Blinker. It seats 2, and have a tachometer, odometer, and speedometer. It was first called the 2010 Zapax X (based on D2-spec) and 2010 Zapax M (based on Murray) It comes in a coupe and a convertible. Users opt in for the version who drive on the left or the right. In 2010, Eight Blinker was testing the v0.5 chassis, in which it was in beta, and Elite Runner thought to include it in the Zapax X, to become the 2011 Zapax X, thus making 2010 Zapax M becoming 2011 Zapax M. Then Eight Blinker gave Elite a new chassis, in which it includes a maunal/automatic transmission, and keyboard/mouselook steering and added it to the Zapax, along with the Kilo 13 racing seats, and The 2010 Zapax became the 2011 Zapax! The 2011 Zapax then features a GPS (then removed it), and other neat stuff. In late 2010, Elite Runner made a new look for the speedometer/odometer using an analog tachometer and digital display via XyText that shows speed, gear, RPM and distance. In January 2011, Elite Runner made a new look for the 2011 Zapax, converting from a 2-seater coupe to a 4-seater hatchback. On 2011.01.18-Tu, Elite Runner added a security feature to the 2011 Zapax that ejects thieves using Push (The same feature on the Shark) to deter thieves from stealing the 2011 Zapax. In February 2011, Eight Blinker and Elite Runner was working on HUDs for the Fizix Cars, and Elite Runner made the Zapax HUD (now called the SuperDriveHUD), with help from Eight Blinker, then Elite asked Eight to obtain the FWD tire scripts, then he added it on to the 2011 Zapax X and made 3 versions of the Zapax M: All-wheel drive (AWD), Front-wheel drive (FWD) and Rear-wheel drive (RWD). Elite Runner included the set to the 2011 Zapax bundle. Then Elite Runner discontinued the 2011 Zapax X and dropped the "M" on the 2011 Zapax M to make it 2011 Zapax, and made a modify version for users to mod and skin the 2011 Zapax. Then Elite Runner made a display between the speedometer and tachometer to show gear indicator, region name, GPS, compass and odometer on a prim via Shared media (a feature in Viewer 2) and test-drove it on the track and it updates well. He kept the hovertext version for anyone who use the 1.x viewer, then merging it into one. At some point in 2011, Elite Runner made the 2011 Zapax to sit 6 avatars, before reverting back to 4. The 2011 Zapax was featured on several videos on the ELITE 3000 Youtube channel. The 2012 Zapax features an update to the gauges, and a shorter, more sportier look, reverting to a 2-seater coupe with a convertible option. The 2012 Zapax v4.x features a new styling and it features improvements and removal of Shared Media information display. The 2012 Zapax v4.2 features NOS and Turbo and it can be used to go fast. Version 4.5 features the Zapax in a smaller size, then came the side decals. Before 2012, The 2012 Zapax has been renamed to 2012 Porshzat Cayman RS because it looks like a Porchse, an European car. The 2012 Porshzat Cayman RS had the add-ons: NOS, Turbo and SuperCharger. Before the end of 2011, Elite made a new car based on the Japanese car, the 2012 Zitsubisho Eclipse, still based on D2 0.5 and Murray V12. Later on in 2012, Elite rebuilt the 2013 Zapax from the ground up, making it a hatchback once again. Features include music player (notecard and loops), customizable license plates, parking brake, region border sensor, new region notifier, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, gear selector, shocks, tailpipe, brakelights, headlights and reverse lights. in late-March 2012, the 2012 Zitsubisho Eclipse and the 2012 Porshzat Cayman RS got discontinued. The 2013 Zapax was considered to have new features like a fuel system and have a temperature gauge and a fuel consumption meter and have a feature to calculate the fuel range, and making it 8-speed and CVT. The 2013 Zapax v5 featured a new look, but came dispute because it looks like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 so the car has been renamed to the Lanco Ena 8. The Lanco Ena 8 was built from ELITE 3000, carried over to Team Elite. The 2013 Zapax made a comeback in 2012 with a body created using a prim generator. The car then had a rally trim, street trim and rally off-road trim and a Murray V12 trim, before coming back to a stock 6-speed D2 car, and added a shared media panel and turn signal lights for the first time. The music player was removed in a particular version. In version 9, the Zapax had an improved look and include various trims and included new and improved features. The 2014 Zapax version 10 series features a new look, is made for the first time in mesh, and have new and improved features. He also sells a Voka Gol R but the Voka Gol R is being phased out for the 2014 Zapax.

FX 2500/Shark

In November 2009, Elite Runner hacked into the full-prem car that he got from RezzMe sandbox, leaving the scripts alone, and he built some prims and linked all of it to make a base of the FX 2500 multi-use vehicle. The car can fly, go on ground and go on water. He even added some sounds and modified the existing scripts. Once he test-drove the car, things seems not right, so he fixed some problems to the car (mainly the scripts and the sounds). Once he test-drove the car without the wheels in a role-play sim, a SL resident told Elite that the vehicle isn't allowed on the road. So Elite added some wheels to the car and modified some sounds, and he test-drove the vehicle to the role-play sim with the wheels attached, and it was ok, until he was told that the vehicle needs to be registered to drive, so he test-drove his car somewhere else. In January 2010, He renamed it to the 2010 Shark. In February 2010, Elite Runner modified the 2010 Shark to sit 4 people, and used the XyText script to make a digital speedometer in kilometres per hour, although the 2010 Shark still has the hovertext speedometer (in kilometres per hour and miles per hour) and odometer (in kilometres and miles). Then the 2010 Shark have a digital speedometer/odometer using Xytext. The 2010 Shark became the 2011 Shark with the new colour scheme, then with a new look. The 2012 Shark features new controls to go flying and it can act as a submarine when diving underwater. In 2012, The 2012 Shark had an update with the lights that can turn on or off via chat command. Future updates would had the Shark in a new design and sounds as it will not have wheels. The 2013 Shark featured a spoiler, a notecard music player, and a loop music player. In June 2012, the 2013 Shark has been rebranded from ELITE 3000 to Team Elite. In October 2012, the music player was removed and turn signal feature was introduced. In 2013, the Shark multi-use vehicle was discontinued and was removed from the EliteStore.


In late 2009, Elite Runner built the 2010 Raptor from the ground up. It was a land vehicle in which it used the same drivetrain as the 2010 Shark in land mode. It was a station wagon, and he created a 2-seat (then discontinued the 2-seat version) and a 4-seat version. For the 2011 Raptor, it contained the new colour scheme. The Raptor was discontinued in summer of 2011.


In 2010, once Elite Runner met with Aaack Staff (one of the managers of Little Blue Island/Fermi sandbox), Elite noticed a wheelie that was created by Aaack, then Elite created his wheelie named the 2010 Jaguar. It seated 3 avatars, and it used the same drivetrain as the Raptor. For the 2011 Jaguar, it contained the new colour scheme. The Jaguar became discontinued in summer 2011.


On a meeting with Dylan Serin and Vincent Deir, Elite Runner and his friends came up with the new van, and was first named the 2012 Rainbow then Elite created the 2012 Rainbow based on the Raptor powertrain. It seated 7 and originally it featured a rainbow design, then the van came a controversy over the name and colour. It was mimicked the Gay van but Elite changed the colour scheme to a more neutral colour, and renamed the van to the 2012 Hummingbird to resolve disputes and for a compromise. It have 10 speeds plus reverse. The Hummingbird became discontinued in summer 2011.

Contact/Where to find Elite Runner

Elite Runner can be spotted in Lionheart, in selected RP sims, riving on the Linden roads, Jasmine Arena, SIA, in some stores, Torley region, Here region, Prototype region/NTBI, Amber Raceway, regions where Grapple is located, or at the Tron: Legacy Adventures sims, and Skyhighatry Designs If you cannot find him, he may be in the Team Elite complex building or offline. You can IM him (Just search for Elite Runner in the people search at or shoot him a notecard in-world or leave a post on He may give away an item from his inventory or send in invite to join the Team Elite group if he is kind. He refrains from random L$ requests and reports/mutes someone who is begging for L$ (that is against the SL TOS). He likes to watch Youtube videos once he receives a Youtube link via IM, group notice or local chat, and sometimes play in his mediaviewer rezzed in-world in the Team Elite Headquarters at his office.

Other ways to contact him

If he is not on Second Life, he may be on other virtual worlds. Please see under INWORLD and CONTACT to see him outside Second Life.

If he is not on any of the virtual worlds or on social media, then he may be doing video production or doing stuff on Adobe Flash or doing something on the computer in the Real World or he may be off the computer.