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About Me

Esbee Linden
Giant Foosball Table Project

My Linden name comes from the phonetic pronunciation of my real life first and middle initial (S and B).

I joined Linden Lab in November 2008 as a Program Manager. In the fall of 2009, I moved over to Viewer Product Management. I'm now the Product/Business Lead for Project Snowstorm

I've been a Resident for a little over 4 years and when I'm inworld I spend most of my time building and scripting. My latest project inworld is to create 3D models of the character design illustration I do in my free time. (I'll post pictures when there's something worth showing!)

I'm also working on a scripted giant foosball table for my Linden meeting space inworld.

When I'm not working or building up a storm inworld, I enjoy cycling, hiking, character design, illustration, gaming, reading, cooking, and making/listening to music. In other words, I like to stay very busy.

Office Hours

Esbee Linden

Snowstorm Product Backlog & Idea Discussion Meeting! If you have ideas for Viewer improvements, usability enhancements, new features, or just have questions about our backlog, this is the meeting for you! Wednesdays from 8:00am to 9:00am PDTEsbee Linden's Office

Esbee's office hours are canceled for today- November 3, 2010.


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