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This is just a repository for whatever script-related stuff I come up with that is worth noting. -- Felis Darwin

Unicode equivalents

Many standard English ASCII characters have Unicode characters which appear visually identical. Much of this comes down to the font used when comparing the characters. After comparing visuals on most TPVs and the SecondLife official viewer, I've come up with a list of ASCII characters and Unicode characters which appear visually identical within the SecondLife viewer.

Because this is taken from scripts I've been working on, the following lists are presented as simple strings. The order is the ASCII character, followed by the Unicode one:

Visually identical - "aаAАBВcϲCϹdⅾeеEΕgɡHНiіIΙjϳJЈKΚMМNΝoοOΟpрPРqԛQԚsѕSЅTТwԝWԜxхXΧyуYΥ,‚  !ǃ-‐"

The above character pairs look exactly the same when viewed in SecondLife. The only way to tell the difference is to compare hexcodes or examine the text outside of SL.

Visually similar - "bḅDḊfḟFḞGḠhḣkḱlḻLḶmḿnṅrṙRṘtṫuṳUṲvṿVṾzẓZẒ.․?⁇:∶00112233445566778899\""##'’&&(❨)❩*⁕++$$%%"

This next set of pairs are very close in appearance to each other, but still have notable differences. For letters this is mostly a matter of phonetic markings added to the character which most residents will ignore, if noticed at all. Punctuation marks and numerals are somewhat more obvious, with many of them having no alias other than the fixed width versions (e.g. 8 and 8, $ and $, etc.). Also note that the single backslash before the quotation mark (\") is present under the assumption that this is a string encased by quotes within an LSL script.