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This page is intended as a convenient resource for quickly locating the various SL viewer icon files that have already been uploaded to the wiki space.

Viewer 1.23 Silver Skin

Type Icon

Inventory Folders:

Inv folder plain closed.png Inv folder plain open.png Inv folder animation.png Inv folder bodypart.png Inv folder callingcard.png Inv folder clothing.png Inv folder gesture.png Inv folder landmark.png Inv folder lostandfound.png Inv folder notecard.png Inv folder object.png Inv folder snapshot.png Inv folder script.png Inv folder sound.png Inv folder texture.png Inv folder trash.png

Inventory Items:

Inv item animation.png Inv item attach.png Inv item callingcard offline.png Inv item callingcard offline.png Inv item gesture.png Inv item landmark.png Inv item landmark visited.png Inv item notecard.png Inv item object.png Inv item object multi.png Inv item script.png Inv item snapshot.png Inv item sound.png Inv item texture.png


Inv item clothing.png Inv item eyes.png Inv item gloves.png Inv item hair.png Inv item jacket.png Inv item pants.png Inv item shape.png Inv item shirt.png Inv item shoes.png Inv item skin.png Inv item skirt.png Inv item socks.png Inv item underpants.png Inv item undershirt.png

Map Icons:

Map avatar 16.png Map top pick.png Map for sale.png Map event.png Map event adult.png Map event mature.png Map home.png Map infohub.png Map telehub.png

User Interface:

Icon avatar online.png Icon avatar offline.png

Viewer 3.0

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