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About Flennan Roffo

Flennan Roffo Second Life resident since 11 July 2007. Scripter and owner of Logic Scripts. You can visit me at my office in Beeratron (57, 168, 75)

Logic Scripts🖈

Logic Scripts


Logic Scripts provides script services. Most of my scripts is free software published under the GNU GPL licence.


  • Logic Mailbox Basic V 1.0

Basic model for a mailbox that allows anyone to drop you a notecard. Comes with a standard skin. For skin customization, contact Mad Maddy Studio.


See the demo at Logic office: Logic Scripts🖈

  • Logic Vendor V 1.0

Vendor that allows you to display many sellable items (objects) and per item you can give a customer a notecard. The sell price is split amongst multiple authors. Set up is easy, since you have to enter the key of each author only once, and can reference any author by nick.


See the demo at Logic office: Logic Scripts🖈

  • SL Mail V 1.2

SecondLife mail client, released under GNU GPL licence. You can send and receive mail from within SecondLife both from and to other mail clients or external mail adresses. Has many command options and comes with an adjustable address book that allows to enter addresses and address groups.

Get a free copy at logic office: Logic Scripts🖈

Or, alternatively, get it from the Second Life wiki here


The charging policy for script services depends on a number of factors:

  • The usuability of the script. Simply stated, if the script does not provide what it is supposed to do no charge will be applied.
  • The amount of work needed to create, adapt and test the script.
  • The custumor. As a rule, the richer the customer, the higher the price, and the more the script or service I provide enhances business profits, the more is charged.
  • The pricing will be based on the length of the service time-period.
  • Prices are within reason.
  • Part or whole price can be refunded if you have a well grounded complaint (script not behaving as specified or a large delay in delivering the scripts).
  • Payment in advance for small projects are not necessary. For larger projects in which significant amount of time is invested advanced payment is asked for in the order of 10%-50% of the agreed price.

  • Donate for free scripts/services

If you found my scripts and/or other services quite usefull and got them free of charge, you might consider giving a donation.


Logic can be hired for diverse script projects.

Logic Scripts

Flennan Roffo