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Sera korea Viewer Hangul item name decode script.

Sometimes, you happen to recieve items named with unidentifiable Korea codes which is only capable of seeing through the Serakorea viewer. You can't figure out what the object's name is, and you're annoyed.

Now, second life has a limit of 63 letters in naming an object with ASCII letters. Nevertheless, Sera korea viewer can name and object with Korean letters. Below are the reasons why it is possible. When you write group's name or item's name, Sera korea viewer automatically uses it's own Korean letter writing system to incode the letters to UTF-8 code and puts it in the item's name.

Let me show you an example.

'세컨드라이프' can be written EC84B8 ECBBA8 EB939C EB9DBC EC9DB4 ED9484 in UTF-8 code. In unicode which is broadly used in HTML, it can be written #49464; #52968; #46300; #46972; #51060; #54532;. (it isn't really important so you can just skip this part lol)

Back to the point, how can we change these grotesque letters to 3byte Korean unicode that we can read. If you write '세컨드라이프' in letters coded in Serakorea viewer, it will be _SKUTF8_EC84B8ECBBA8EB939CEB9DBCEC9DB4ED9484

we can guess that _SKUTF8_ flag is of the UTF-8 Hex code that sera korea viewer. besides _SKUTF8_, we have EC84B8ECBBA8EB939CEB9DBCEC9DB4ED9484, which is enough to change to Korean letter that we want. Enough of the theoratical explanations.