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Geneko Nemeth
Geneko Nemeth.png
Also known as Kakurady Drakenar
Class hacker wannabe, artist wannabe, scribe wannabe
Birthday Not telling ya!
Rezday 20070710
Known For Appearing all over the grid as a fennec, bugging around certain Third-party viewer developers
Not Known for Translating the Second Life client, spending time on IRC, building from the development branch all the time but not reporting bugs
Status Being lazy and irresponsible
Resident Profile
zh This resident is a native speaker of Chinese.


en-2 This resident can converse with an intermediate level of English.

Geneko Nemeth doesn't has anything to write here. Now if only I can get the Pango patch to compile...

When I was bored I used to translate Second Life's interface into Simplified Chinese. I use a personal PHP script to strip unrelated elements from the UI definition . Windows Vista's file virtualization hack is very useful here.

I also am okay with basic MediaWiki editing. If you need any help just ask me.

Joystick Settings

Although, libndof doesn't work under Linux ATM... Unless you get the source and compile.

Left thumbstick to walk (Z) / turn around(yaw)
Right thumbstick to fly (Y) / strafe (X).

Or, in the order on the configuration window: X:2 Y:5 Z:1 P:-1 Y:0 R:-1 Zoom:-1

You may have noticed that these doesn't seem to match the world coordinates. Yes, it's based on flight dynamics.

See also Using the Flycam with a Xbox 360 Controller

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