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Grey Lock

Hi there, and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Grey, and I'm a new Second Life Mentor. I've been in Second Life over a year now, and have dabbled in a lot of things during my time... hopefully my experiences will be helpful to those new to this crazy virtual world. :-)

I can be found usually wandering about in one of three avatars; human, dragon, or lion ... depending on my mood and sim location (not everywhere is critter friendly).

My typical haunts include:

  • Isle of Wyrms I am an Ambassador for the Isle of Wyrms; home to many dragons. I help folks with their avatars, and help them become and feel part of the community.

  • Any number of Infohubs, helping new residents of Second Life get accustomed to their new virtual existence. I myself started off at the Braunworth Infohub ( Braunworth InfohubD), so frequently return there to help others like I was assisted when I first started off.

In RL, I'm an educator, and have been exploring the RL educational possibilities of SL.

Take care, and see you in world. :-)