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About me

Heidi Ballinger

I'm Heidi Ballinger, a Danish Second Life mentor/volunteer who likes helping newbie’s, and help companies into Second Life. You can call me an entrepreneur, I always think of new ideas and getting creative methods in how to use Second Life.

I work fulltime with Second Life. The half of the time I work for a Danish University who do scientific work in Virtual Worlds, and the other half I use on my company "Power-Match".


Power-Match is a company there only exist in Second Life, and we arranges big Jobfairs in Second Life with real life job. Here you can meet many companies and get in a personal dialogue with a human resource employee.

I've 6 years experience with professional recruitment.

Next JobFair

February, 5. th. SL-time 10 AM PST (danish time: 19:00).

Pictures from the Power-Match jobfair in October 2007. Companies: IBM, TDC, Saxobank, Skatteministeriet, FLSmidth, Grundfos



Phone: +45 60 61 51 64

Skype: heidiballinger


Contact in Second Life

IM: Heidi Ballinger

Group: Power-Match (let's work togehter)


Visit Power-Match in Second Life: