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Welcome to my exhibition stand at SL11b

Thank you for joining me.

I would like to show you how to create Projectors (Spotlights) in 60sec.
Using these spotlights, you can enhance the 'Materials' texture effect
developed by Lindenlab. Lindenlab made this available about a year ago.
The combination of both 'Materials' and 'Projectors' is just mind blowing.

I created this building to show you.

This is free of charge.
Material earth holger.png


You need to enable the 'Advanced Lighting Model' or move your
slider of your graphics card settings to ULTRA in order to see this.

Preferences -> Graphics -> (check) Advanced Lighting Model
If you move the slider to ULTRA, this is automatically checked.

Your journey
The first teleport will take you to the welcome area, where you can
check whether you set your graphics card settings correctly.
On the next level you are going to see some very impressive examples (Showroom).
Then, on the 'Materials' level, you will learn more about the texture effect
and on the 'Projector' level, you will learn in 60sec on how to create a spotlight.

Ready? Then click on the teleport on the floor and navigate
to 'Start' in the menu.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Holger Gilruth .