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About Me

I have been a resident of Second Life since February of 2007. I’m Latin American, from Argentina, and proud Second Life Mentor, Mentor Linguist and Buddy Mentor. I like to explore our SL world and to find new interesting places, and really enjoy my SL This world is amazing to make friends, learn day by day, and have a good time with the people. The possibility of knowing different cultures and interact with others, is something incredible.

I joined as a Second Life Volunteers because I love helping newcomers, help them in their first steps or giving them a landmark of interesting places, and also answering their common questions. Here people mostly give the best of themselves, and on my way to this second life I have always received a hand extended to help me.

Well, is not “Alice in Wonderland”… Here you can find 'other' kind of people. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice the Tao :)) I try to keep separate RL / SL, it is very good for both "realities".


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French (un peu non plus)


  • Translations
  • Custom shapes-avatars
  • Designes
  • Build (learning more)


  • Newcomers: If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.You can back to Help Island all the time and I walk around always.
  • Apprentice Mentors and Mentors: you can send IM in world or find my profile in Buddy Center (SVEC) or look in Mentor Buddy

Something more

Thank you!

I am sure that the list should be longer, but the site is "in progress".

I want to thank the first Mentor who helped me when I was born in SL and his patience and willingness to help me geared toward Volunteer today: Bastien Culdesac.

Doctor Gascoigne because they encouraged me in my new role as Buddy and share his vast experience. And, off course, all my fellow Mentors!! I learn every day from all of them