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Upcoming OGPX Meetings

The initial OGPX Birds of a Feather meeting will take place in Stockholm, Sweden on Tuesday, the 28th of July at 3:20PM local time (more information about the IETF 75 schedule at .) The virtual world counterpart to this meeting will take place at "Infinity is Full of Stars" at 6:20AM SLT.

Current OGP Related Drafts

Reverse HTTP, Draft 00
Reverse HTTP describes a mechanism for introducing bidirectional http. In other words, it describes the protocol that allows a client to connect to a RHTTP compliant server to establish a connection, then allows the server to send a request to the client.
LLSD Abstract Type System, Draft 00
LLSD describes an abstract type system and a protocol interaction interface description language. OGP services are defined using LLSD.
OGP:Introduction and Requirements, Draft 00
The "Introduction and Requirements" draft is an attempt to broadly define the problem domain of interoperable virtual worlds and introduce architectural patterns in its solution.
OGP:Base, Draft 00
This document describes fundamental aspects of OGP including Capabilities and Event Queues.
OGP : Client Application Launch Message, Draft 00
This document describes a technique for launching a client application by way of an XML message.
OGP:Service Establishment, Draft 01
This document describes techniques for establishing a seed cap from a remote OGP service, the first step when interacting with an OGP peer.
Client Capabilities for OGPX, Draft 00
Describes the way a network peer can request a capability on a client with an unroutable IP address.
OGPX layering and architectural patterns, Draft 00
Architectural layering and patterns for OGPX.