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Joy Adder is a manager at Woot Escorts [1] which is owned by User: Janice Mabellon. Woot Freelance Escorts is known for its intimate atmosphere, high-quality build and pro-girl stance.

Joy is the oldest employee at GFE Escorts, having started working for Janice when see first opened Zindra Escorts. She is thirty-six years old and has seen it all. She does not shock easily. Although she looks ten-years younger, her experience should only be requested by mature men - younger men need hone their skill-set before attempting this experience!

If you are man enough, come and meet Joy. You might even survive the encounter, LOL!

KBcaution.png Important: Escort activities are only permitted on Regions having an Adult Region rating. Read more at Linden Lab Official:Maturity ratings: an overview.

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