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Jumpman Lane ™ (born May 5, 2007 in Second Life), is the founder and chief executive officer of Slut Magazine.


  • Jumpman Lane ™


annie Juran

  • Jumpman Lane's Daughter, Little anneh (mother the great loony HotNsexy Whitfield). Loves fashion and shoppin and her six gunz

Annie juran 011.JPG

  • annie Juran throwin up gang signs!

Gems Jewell

  • Jumpman Lane's very blonde Scottish mom. Known affectionately by Jump as "Mummy!" She plays in a Scottish Pipes band!

MUMMY 004.png

Charlimeg Meili

  • Jumpman Lane's step-sister. STEP-sister. NOT blood related!

Katsumi 046jpg.jpg


"Some people want to fuck around all day and also pretend to make a glossy magazine with interesting items and articles. A big example of a cockroach of this kind is Jumpman Lane."- Saveme Oh

  • All eyes on me! L-A-N-E! And I'm Jumpy! And you can't be me! And I know that ain't fair! But I dont care.- Jumpman Lane
  • Cause i stay jay walkin! two threees one meh feet! i'm ready to set the whole MFSL on ablaze. You fire-proof or swimmin in gasoline
  • Ya girlfriend says she loves meh. But it's just the jewelreh. Multicolored carots got ya girlfriend kinda curious. "Shawty what the business? Every night is valentine's. Everyday is christmas!"
  • "Some call him controversial, others say he’s just nuts, hated, loved, worshiped, Jumpman Lane, owner of the pornographic/erotic Slut Magazine, calls himself King of Second Life, the coolest man on SL."-The Second Life Herald

Jumpman Lane™ 's Slut Magazine © 2007-2008 The CBM™


Jumpman Lane™ 's Slut Magazine ©

Where dreams come true! Fullbright in Windlight! We spit shine and sparkle up only the prettiest avis for your titilation and edification! Keep ya eyes wide-peeled...and ENJOY!



  • Founder, Publisher Jumpman Lane™


  • Editrix-in-Chief, Candace Flossburg (Ms. Can. Flo.)
  • Editrix-in-Chief, Kryztine Ballinger (Kriz Ballin)
  • Layout Editrix, annie Juran
  • Circulation Editrix, G String
  • Editrix-at-Large, Roxana Fouquet
  • Editrix-at-Large, CW Finesmith
  • Editrix-at-Large, Veronica2vixen Devoix

Reportors and Photographers

  • Sillie Schmooz
  • Kryztine Ballinger
  • Dokan Dryssen
  • Krystel Sands
  • Jessy Lynch
  • Sole Jie
  • Vila Demonge

Former Staff

  • Zelda Homewood (Crazy Zel), former Editrix-in-Chief
  • Lady Dawson, former publisher
  • nomads Dagger, former reporter
  • Bane martinek, former photographer
  • Anfrey Tripsa, former reporter
  • Luscioulumpchunks McMillian, former Editrix -in-Chief, former publisher

Slut of the Year

Given annually to the hottest girl to grace the pages of Slut magazine. The winner receives 10,000L$, a car and a motorcycle. (Though the first winner opted for a sculptie dog named Rommel and more cahsh :P )

2007 Winner

  • Roxana Fouquet

Ldcover 041jpeg.JPG

Jumpman Lane™ 's Slut Magazine©, Inc

"Our official corporate structure is as follows: an executive staff governing a set of divisions headed up by executive vice presidents. These vice presidents bear the title "president" of thier respective divisions. Each of these officers are also members of committees tasked with special operations within our organization."- Jumpman Lane


Executive Officers _______________

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Jumpman Lane™
  • Co-Chiefs of Operations (COO): Sole Jie and Dokan Dryssen
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO): Didi Tripsa
  • Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and President: Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO): Kimber Martinek
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Lady Dawson
  • Co-Editices of Jumpman Lane™ 's Slut Magazine©: Candace Flossberg and Kriztyne Ballinger

Division Heads ____________

  • Executive Vice President of Slut Mag TV™: Gweenzy String
  • Executive Vice President of House Slut™: annie Juran
  • Executive Vice President of Slut Mag Strategic Marketing™: Zooey Kohime
  • Executive Vice President of Slut Mag Security Services™: Kurumakhun Yoshikowa
  • Executive Vice President of Slut Mag Capital and Corporate Studies™: Charlimeg Meili
  • Executive Vice President of Slut Mag Public Relations™: Veronica2vixen Devoix
  • Executive Vice President without portfolio: DjQuad Radio


"All Committees include the following executive Officers in addition to those named as members below: CEO Jumpman Lane, COO's Sole Jie and Dokan Dryssen, and CSO Lusciouslumpchunks McMillian."- Jumpman Lane

1. The Capital Flow Committee

purpose: to determine all price structures and monetary policies

members: CTO Lady Dawson and (later Ex VP of Slut Mag Capital™)

2. The Marketing/Message Committee

purpose: to present a continuous, unified public relations message, advertising assault, and effecttive sales pitches

members: Ex VP Charlimeg Meili, Ex VP Zoohey Kohime, EX VP Veronica2vixen Devoix and EX VP Djquad Radio

3. The Content Committee

purpose: to determine the actual content of Jumpman Lane™ 's Slut Magazine© and Slut Mag TV™

members: Editrices Candace Flossberg and Kriztyne Ballinger, and EX VP Gweenzy String

4. The Immersion Committee

purpose: to assume and advisory role with real life corporations et. al.

members: all executive officers and ex vps

5. The Events Committe

purpose: to scedule and program all events sponsored by or in conjunction with Slut Mag Inc

members: Kimber Martinek

Inaugeral Queen of the Porno Carnivale Extravaganza

Winner: Lia Johin

Lia cover 017.png

A prize given to the most conspicuously hot girl during the first carnival Slut Mag Inc sponosors annually in October. in addition to a 10,000L$ prize, the winner receives a special lay out in Slut magazine and becomes a spokesmodel (along with the reigning Slut of the Year in all charity endeavors beginning in 2009).

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