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Kitto Flora Transportation News

If you read this, please IM Kitto Flora that you have, he wants to know if this gets any use.

February 4, 2022

V4 Trans-Region Trains Now Available

With the improvement of region border crossing in Second Life it is now practical to have a train with riders travel from one region to another. The V4 series of narrow gage engines, carriages and wagons is now available at the Kitto Flora Engineering store in Yeodeol.

The development of the V4 series has been long and tedious, requiring changes to methods used by the older V3 single region trains, track switches and signals for compatibility with the V4 Series. V4 and V3 trains will run on the same tracks, but V4 engines will only couple with V4 carriages and wagons, V3 engines only with V3 carriages and wagons.

Free updates for engine rezzers, carriages, wagons and affected track parts are available at the self-serve update center in Yeodeol.