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  • Designer of meta[REZ] for an improved inworld artist-residency. A convergence between the logic of game-play and the exigencies of the creative process, meta[REZ] strives to invent an integrated process of learning and creating from within this unique media infrastructure, and promote the acceleration of cultural and artistic incidence.
  • Building Sizigia Island, SL for the fabrication of an interoperable media ecosystem: the SIZIGIA[TAZ]. A platform for creating mixed reality nodes that scale from RL-to-SL-to-geospatial Enabling an artists' community, creating an IMAGE-SPACE.
  • Inworld architect, planner for the renown think/make tank: BUILDING WITH IMMATERIALS, a diverse network of artists and architects.


  • Artist-in-Residence at the Ars Virtua New Media Center. (for more details)