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LV Wildmist homepage for now...

About me

Born 1st, June 2010 (5107 days old).

Second Life

Profile: LV Wildmist


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Born to start a project with a friend, name removed on request. Purpose was to start a new game room but we bought Romany Zyngo from Amandita Alphaville. Acquisition was ~L$90,000, mainly 48 Zyngos and some other games and contests. Place had rented a 8,192m parcel in Ferraris Estates 11. Game room grown up to use 1/2 SIM. We worked together till mid of August 2010. Romany Zyngo was then closed.

After some thoughts and requests I've restarted with a similar project, Roman Games, in September 2010 on previous place. Later, in November 2010, game room moved to a owned Full SIM (Roman Empire), not far from birth, just two squares East. This project is still running and alive...

Roman Games

Current Games / Contests in place (last update --LV Wildmist hand-signature.png 15:25, 15 June 2011 (PDT)):


Zyngo DEAL No Devil King Bing Solitaire Quince ALIGN5
Instant Win 113 77 65 42 32 22 8
Contest Mode - 9 - - - - -
Variable 10 - - - - - -
Freeplay 10 - - - - - -


Besides games being Instant Win a player also enter the following other contests for FREE:

  1. Money Giver (running every 15 minutes and giving up to L$50/player)
  2. 30 minute Contests
  3. Wall Contests (1250 games sessions)
  4. Re-Play (daily)
  5. Top 20 (weekly)

Programming / LSL scripting

As a side work I've been developing some LSL scripts, databases and data analysis resources to support several informed decisions. Those included using languages like LSL, php, MySQL,...

I am always very busy but still I placed myself as LSL Mentor and Scripter. Sometimes a good way to learn is helping others...


Currently developing a bingo like game: ALIGN5. Game is in Roman Games under real tests since early May 2011. Sales expected soon...
        llSay(0,"ALIGN5 is at Alpha stage, version 1.02.");


Pages that I am using as reference to build this up...

  1. Media Wiki Help
  2. Second Life wiki scribers
  3. Second Life wiki user Zay Lynch