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RL sneak peek: A single mother of 2 adorable *cough* angels in RL. I love writing poetry/prose and whatever else attracts the inspiration.

SL Aspirations: I myself am still trying to learn building & scripting tools. Next I would like to try my hand at making clothing designs. In a nutshell, I want to learn everything and find something I can really enjoy.

My Ultimate goal in Second Life

To be the best in all I do, to give new players a sense they are valuable in this world of confusion. To just be the best person I know how to be without pissing anyone off. *giggles*

::Other News::

After the closing of CSI and L Word (Aug 31, 2008) I spend my weekends at either Carnage or Rainbow Moon working as Host and as Club Manager respectively. I enjoy my time at these places. I have limited my SL time to weekends for the most part with occasional weekday appearances. But you will most likely always be able to find me somewhere.

Most of all, I love my newest venture as a Second Life Mentor/Greeter. So many new people to meet and mold into well rounded residents...

Cherish all your memories as you create them. They only last as long as they inspire others.

--LadyJane Bailey 10:07, 12 January 2008 (PST)