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Lahar Broadway

Second Life

In-world, I am best known for my line of clocks and wristwatches, however I also make and sell various models of helicopters, pianos, and a variety of developer oriented gadgetry. I have been heavily involved in scripting since my entry into SL, in October 2006.

Real Life

In real life, I am a 54 year old PhD, originally from the U.S. but residing now (most of each year) on the island of Luzon, located in the northern part of the Philippine Islands. I have been designing and programming embedded systems for 30+ years, and continue to contract worldwide for a few months each year. I am very happily married, with 7 children ranging in age from 31 down to 18 months.

Why "Lahar"?

In June of 1991, Mt. Pinatubo located on the Philippine Island of Luzon erupted, the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century - some ten times larger than the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. At the same time, Typhoon Yunya struck the island, massive rains mixing with the 34km tall plumes of ash to create pyroclastic flows traveling as far as 16km away, burying numerous towns and villages. This pyroclastic flow material is known as lahar. About 20,000 indigenous Aeta highlanders, who had lived on the slopes of the volcano, were completely displaced, and most still wait in resettlement camps for the day when they can return home. Although the eruption only killed 6 people, 1500 were killed in the resulting lahar which is up to 600 feet thick and hardened now like cement. Many of those killed by the lahar are still buried, laying in their beds, as they were when the lahar arrived unexpectedly in the night. I chose the name Lahar to honor the memory of these people.

Purchasing My Products

My products are available in-world at the following locations:




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