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Created several projects:


Opensource text metaverse client with support of a lot of SL functionality, such us chat, group chat, inventory, map, teleports and many more. It also has enhanced accessibility features like Text-To-Speech which allows blind users to join the SL community.

You can visit Radegast's main site, downloads or browse its source code.


Primsearch allows easy on the web search for megaprims allowing you to use them in your builds wihtout cluttering your inventory with thousands of items.

Grid Persister

Grid URL is a helper app running on Google App Engine, which helps LSL scripters overcome the problem with http-in URLs not being persistent. Don't trust an external app for your mission critical app in Second Life? No problem, Grid Persister is opensource so you can download it and install on your own instance of the App Enigine.

  • Instructions on how to install it on your own AppEngine instance and a sample LSL and PHP code can be found Nik Organiser's page

Other Stuff

Maintaining a calendar of Linden and other User Groups.