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Livia Mastroianni

Second Life Resident since 12/16/2006.


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workaholic and fashion lover


Chief of Production | AVENUE Models
Senior Marketing Executive | AVENUE Magazine
Instructor | AVENUE Models Academy


Relay For Life 2011 | Team Captain and International Ambassador Model and blogger

How Can I Help You?

Everyone can help other residents.
You just need to be a good listener and very patient.

However, I suggest you to join the Second Life Volunteers program whether you wish to coordinate your effort with other thousands of volunteers. You can get more info in the Second Life Volunteer Portal.

As a WT Mentor Linguist©, I can offer assistance to those Italian speaking residents who may have poor skills in the english language and also I'm helping with editing and translating.

If you have any doubt or question, I encourage you to try to figure it out by yourself, it can be much more rewarding :).
There are many helpful resources you may look at:

  • Help Island Public - Inconvenience: this location is often very crowded and it's not always easy to get the information you need.
  • Help Island Public 2 - It's a copy of the main Help Island, providing the same information, but it's much less crowded.
  • The Second Life wiki - This is perfect if you don't want to leave your current location or you're not connected to the grid.

If this is not enough, feel free to contact me :) ... for sure, I can't answer all your questions by myself, but ANYWAY I will guide you to find a solution.