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Ludmilia Zapedzki

I was born in Second Life the 5/19/2007, I explored this awesome world and I become a real fan of this awesome and still growing virtual community. My Second Life mainly consists in helping other residents, which is giving me a lot of pleasure.

I work on wiki translations in order to make their content available to larger parts of the Second Life community. It amazes me each day to see how the different nationalities and cultures are meeting in Second Life, and I am proud to do my part to help this worldwide growing community.

How I help In-World

You have to know that everyone who would like to help other residents can do it, you don't necessary need to be in a special group, you just need to see when there is a problem among other residents as well as you need patience and, of course, the wish to help.

When I helped for a while I joined first groups that were specialized on helping other residents.

By now I am working as a RHN Mentor in the Second Life RHN Network, which allows me to help residents in a very well coordinated way,and at many locations.

General information about the Resident Help Network

If you are interested in joining us in the RHN, you are invited to obtain more information about this network on our wiki portal. You can easily reach this by accessing the link shown below:

My roles within the Resident Help Network

  • Linguist Mentor: Linguist Mentors are Mentors that are speaking one or more languages. They provide assistance to residents that have limited skills in the english languages or that come to a problem which they just cannot explain in english as well as they could do in their mother language. Furthermore Linguists help to assure a higher service quality by the transaltion of several relevant articles of this wiki.

What are the questions I can help you with?

As I like to help other residents, I'll try my best to help you in any case, but my specialities are computers, then I will have some tips and be more helpful if you have a bug issue, an avatar issue, or other related issue. In any cases, I will be there to help you as much as I can.

Useful help resources online and in-world

You have a question but you do not know where to look, or you have found an answer but quite still need help about the given information? Then you should never hesitate to contact one of the RHN mentors! You can find RHN mentors at several locations in-world, and we would be pleased to help you.

The most famous locations for in-world support are "Welcome Islands Public" and "SL Discovery Islands Public".

SLURL to Welcome Island Public 3

SLURL to SL Discovery Island Public 3

If you do not wish to contact one of the RHN Mentors or if you do not want to leave your current location in order to look for the needed information on one of the Welcome Islands or SL Discovery Islands, then the wiki will be the source of your choice.

The Second Life wiki

If you are experiencing unexpected problems connecting to the grid, or when you occur to have a problem in-world that did not exist before but makes it difficult or even not possible to reach in-world help, I would propose you to check the Blog to see if your problem is listed there and effecting other residents.

The Second Life Blog

Still it might happen that the Blog does not the information that you require. In this case it is the best idea to submit a Support Ticket by using the Second Life Support Portal. To submit a ticket, please visit the following website:

The Second Life Support Portal