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Maddox Deluxe -(PF)- Picture

I'm Maddox Deluxe from USA. I been out of Second Life for a long time, but I'm back now to work on some new projects ideas.

Languages: English

Second Life Skills List
  • Builder
  • Scripter

Real World Skills List
  • Photoshop CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Flash Professional CC
  • 3ds Max 2014
  • DAZ Studio v4.x
  • iClone v5.x PRO
  • Unity v4.x
  • Visual Studio 2012 (#C/C++)
  • PHP v5.x and MySQL v5.x

My Free Scripts
  1. v1.6 Notecard_Configuration_Reader_by_Maddox_Deluxe