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Madeliefste Oh is a designer by heart. In SL she works as a texture artist and sculpty/mesh artist.

Madeliefste Oh designs for 3 brands in SL, of which she is also the owner.

cYo - Create Your Own

Create Your Own is an unique concept in SL. cYo delivers sculpties with Photoshop files.

Madame Haute Couture

Madame Haute Couture is a ladies fashion brand that aims for high quality.

Dynamic Curtains

Dynamic Curtains is a curtain shop that sells some of the best moving curtains in SL. The curtains come with an intelligent scripted usersmenu, that let you change all and everything at the curtains: lenght, width, color, more or less transparency, number of prims, speed of movement, wind or not, and so on. The curtains for Dynamic Curtains were developped in cooperation with Leonro Sands.