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About Me

I joined Second Life in September of 2006 (10/22/2006). I am an active member, and own a scripting company that specializes in combat equipment. I am always happy to try and help people that are having problems, and I enjoy fixing broken scripts. I became a Second Life Mentor in February of 2008 so that I could better help new members understand how combat in SL works.

Need Help With Combat?
If you get killed the second that you visit the Rausch Sandbox, or any combat sim for that matter, I have some resources for you!

  • Read the Combat article I started
  • Read the Weapon article for information about common weapons

If you need a combat lesson feel free to contact me while I am on line, and if I am not busy I will be happy to show you the ropes.

Some Neat Stuff

Here are some projects that I am working on...


The mapTEK system generates dynamic maps based on data gathered from a snapshot of a SL region. The system superimposes this information on top of an image of that region, if one is available. Possible maps include flight areas, rez-object areas, script-allow areas, damage-allow areas, push-restrict areas, and several other "flags". Once a region is scanned (this takes 10-40 seconds), the data is added to a MySQL database where it can be used to generate maps. Please note that the the scanner has not been released to the public, so there is no way you can create custom maps - this is just to show what is possible. In the future this software may be available on a subscription or pay-per-use basis.

Try it here

Madgeek Nixdorf

When am I on line?

Your guess is as good as mine, if you need to contact me try an Instant Message first and then send me a notecard if I am offline or don't respond within a few minutes.

Feel free to edit this page!

This is a wiki. Consider this page a page associated with who I am, not my own personal page.