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What happened?

I have been banned by Linden Labs.

Why can you post here?

I was still logged in to the Wiki, when it happened. I guess, I won't be able to post here anymore once my session expires tomorrow.

But why?

I warned people about a security bug by posting to the forums. This warning was in accordance to the guidelines of responsible disclosure. It was posted only after Linden Lab had repeatably failed to reply to security issues. As suggested by the guidelines of responsible disclosure I did try to reach Linden Lab on multiple channels (including support tickets, a notecard to Jack Linden and an item report on Xstreet) after using the SEC-section on jira failed. All of this tries have been ignored. I gave them 10 days for a simple reply (just a reply, not a fix) which is twice the suggested amount. I gave them a draft of the warning in advantage. I finally posted the warning on day 13/10. The warning did not contain any instruction on how to exploit the issue. It did not contain the sample exploit. None the less I was banned.

What will happen to the Restrained Life Relay Spec?

You might have noticed that I stepped up when Marine did not have enough time to coordinate the enhancement of the spec and I spend a lot of time to help people dealing with incompatibilities. I will obviously not being able to do this anymore. (I spent about thrice the time on the Relay than I spend on the objects I sold).

Are you angry?

No, my master did not like me to throw a fit. And I did learn my lesson. But I am deeply disappointed about Linden Lab. And I am sad about losing the friends I made during the time I was part of this world.

Keep your heads up, there is always a future.

I miss you