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About Me

I am known in most places as digitalfiz. I am a programmer for higher with a passion for secondlife. While I have only been using secondlife for a little under 2 years I have learned a lot about this amazing platform. My specialties outworld are programming with LAMP configurations and just about any web based scripting language there is. I minor in graphics design(I have people I pay for that) and basically just love making PHP do things people say it cant. Inworld I am an entrepreneur and a scripter specializing in... yup you guessed it LSL to web based scripting language interfaces. I have spent most of my time in SL learning the LSL language and learning as much about the development of it and the platform it runs on. I have recently forced myself to start using the Viewer_2_Help viewer 2 ui and have stuck my hands into working on the Snowglobe project. It is a struggle when moving from a viewer like Emerald but I feel it is vital to me keeping up with the newest of the technologies and helping me be aware of everything that is possible in SL.

Contacting Me

Favorite Quote

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Adam Savage

more coming soon....