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Marcello Schaller
Marcello Schaller


This is a world full of opportunity and challenges. I am here to help new and old residents by sharing ideas and such. I can speak ENGLISH,BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE,ITALIAN and SPANISH.

My aim is to contribute to SL environment in many aspects. I understand how important it is to explore SL, make friends,and have fun. Those are some of the reasons that bring me here.

I am also so much pleased that I have found a special woman, now my wife in real and virtual worlds. She is Tatyana Schaller who has being so much supportive along these years in helping me understand life in a different point of view through her positive words, patience and careness. I also thank her for being so much helpful with the language stuff.

Here is a couple of things I have learned from her while living in SL, and I wish to share:

  • Enjoy making things & sharing with friends;
  • Be a very easy going person;
  • If anything's worth doing, it's worth doing right;
  • Believe that everyone needs to be able to enjoy the sl, so never be selfish;
  • See other's happiness brings happiness to all;
  • Remember: There's always a RL feeling on the other end;

You can find us in world, what will be a pleasure to meet you and help you anytime.



--Marcello Schaller 17:14, 26 December 2008 (UTC)