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Not In World, but getting Offline IMs. And also, get me more biscuits, I ran out. NOW!


サポートのために行ってください -

素晴らしい日を持ってください : D

A bit about me : )

I love people, my friends and to make new friends. I love different cultures, places and people. I love meeting people from all over the world, and experiencing new things. I love art, and photography. I love taking pictures, and hope to improve my skills at that. I love color or colour or however you wanna spell it! : D I also love to know about interesting things, and to be involved. I try to understand everything, though I'm not always able to. I question almost everything : )

What I'm Currently doing

Wiki Pages - you can help me with these! : D


Skype: Screen Name: Meghan Dench Skype ID:


Yahoo Messenger: [Yes] meghan_dench

MSN Messenger: [No]



[16:43] EnusBot2 LLQABot: Dench i Love You M.E.G.S. _________________________________________________________________

[18:03] Elisheba Rossini: bleeding monkey.... go to sleep [18:03] Meghan Dench: LOL _________________________________________________________________

[22:45] Enus Linden: megs, sorry you slept [22:45] Enus Linden: i know you hate4 sleep [22:45] Enus Linden: is such a shame... _________________________________________________________________

[3:51] Meghan Dench: I [3:51] Meghan Dench: <3 [3:51] Meghan Dench: U [3:51] Meghan Dench: . [3:51] James Benedek: you are less than 3 of me? [3:51] Meghan Dench: ? [3:51] Meghan Dench: LOL [3:51] James Benedek: lmao [3:51] James Benedek: :P [3:52] Meghan Dench: Cute : P [3:52] James Benedek: only a nerd would say that XD [3:52] Meghan Dench: haha [3:52] James Benedek: hahah [3:52] Meghan Dench: Not a nerd [3:52] Meghan Dench: LOL [3:52] James Benedek: if im not a nerd what am i ? :P [3:52] Meghan Dench: Cute : P [3:53] James Benedek: aww [3:53] Meghan Dench: hehe

[12:28] Yukia Epin: I'll Miss you megs! :)

[12:33] Yukia Epin: -I Wuz Here-