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How to cook the voice daemon so it runs ok on linux including 64-bit

ok brief description and details filled in on re-edits.

My viewer binary lives in /usr/games/ so my voice needs to go along side it in /usr/games

Create the following folder:-


copy into this the following libraries from the latest offical linden distribution :-


Also on 64bit you will need to install various lib32 packages (but i am unsure of which yet)

On 32bit you can probably skip some of those libraries above, but this is untested

create the following script as /usr/games/SLVoice

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/slvoice/::/lib32/:/usr/lib32/:/lib:/usr/lib/
/usr/games/SLVoice-bin -ll -1

copy the voice binary (from the offical tarball) to /usr/games/SLVoice-bin