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Created over 15 machinima videos in SL, since October 2005. Five videos won awards. Bio of a Duo was shown at the 2006 SIGGRAPH, at Linden Labs' booth. SekretMenuz was the opening video for the 2006 SLCC (Second Life Community Convention) machinima festival, in San Francisco. Three of the award winning videos were created within 48 hours or less deadlines. Two videos were produced for SL vlog and tutorial posts. Several were produced for the United Space Alliance, as training materials.

Participated in the "ThinkBalm Immersive Internet Business Value Study, Q2 2009"[1], with feedback and data on the United Space Alliance's use of Second Life for training.

Designed and built the Bianca lunar lander, winning 2nd place in the Abbotts Aerodome's Second Annual Design Competition (2006).

Particitpated in playing tabletop D&D, in Second Life (2006), with Ama Ree, Allen Kerensky. Game was mentioned in 2008 online article The 13 best electronic versions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Moebius Overdrive and Allen Kerensky hosted the 2008 Mad Science Film Festival, at Squeebee's Mystery Science Theater.

Moebius Overdrive creates many videos (and other fun stuff) with Allen Kerensky.

Personal Website [2]


  • The Scream In The Dark of the Night (2005)
    • Winner: Worst Acting and Worst Story, 1st Annual Ed Wood Film Festival, October 2005.
    • Featured on the SecondLife homepage for more than a year afterwards.
  • START (2006)
    • Critically acclaimed steampunk compared to Isaac Asimov at
  • Stylehive Fashion Expo 2006 (2006)
    • Freelance project for Aimee Weber
    • Covered live fashion event, shot, edited, and finished in 11 hours
    • Best Editing - Alt-Zoom Take5, March 2006
  • Bio of a Duo (2006)
    • Written, shot, edited, and finished in 6 hours
    • Featured in Linden Labs booth, at 2006 SIGGRAPH booth
  • SekretMenuz (2006)
    • Second Life Community Convention (SLCC) 2006 introduction film.
    • Best story award for Take5 Festival, August 2006.
  • A Zombie Stole My Heart (2006)
    • Winner: Worst Film, 2nd Annual Ed Wood Film Festival, 2006.
  • It Came From The Origin of Where Bad Things Come From (2007)
    • Winner, 2nd place at 3rd Annual Ed Wood Film Festival, 2007.
  • Mad Science Film Festival 2008 (2008)
    • Announcement video for machinima festival, 2008.
  • USA Immersive Environment Production Facility (2009)
    • Tour of sets built for United Space Alliance, soft skills scenario development
  • Protecting Sensitive Information (2009)
    • Ethics scenario produced for United Space Alliance
    • Part of corporate training rollout
  • LF CHAI Skins Art Vlog 1: Original CHAI Retirement (2009)
  • Brow tinting tutorial for CHAI Skins in Second Life (2009)
  • Employee Fire Evacuation Training Demo (2009)
    • Produced for United Space Alliance Social Media Study
  • USA Code of Conduct trainer (2009)
    • Produced for United Space Alliance Ethics Office
    • Part of corporate training rollout
  • Export Control: At Home & Abroad (2010)
    • Produced for United Space Alliance Export Control Office
    • Part of corporate training rollout
  • Building an Awareness of U.S. Export Controls (2011)
    • Produced for Yoske Analytics, Inc.

Production Skills

  • Story developer
  • Voice actor
  • Avatar actor
  • Music and sound FX editing
  • Sound Effects and Foley
  • LSL scripting (minor)
  • Storyboarding
  • Set building
  • Acting
  • Dual-computer SL Operation
  • Textures
  • Animation
  • Avatar design
  • Video editing
  • Directing
  • Macninimatography
  • Lighting
  • Rotoscoping
  • Compositing
  • Matt painting
  • Final editing
  • Video Compression



  • Fraps - video capture
  • Premiere - video editing
  • QuickTime - video compression
  • Audacity - audio editing
  • Sound Forge - audio editing
  • Soundbooth - audio editing
  • Photoshop - image editing and rotoscoping
  • Gobby - collaborative notes and scripting