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I am Moggs Oceanlane, resident of Second Life™. I am independent and highly sociable. I'm an information junkie and hate 'not knowing'. I'm uncontrollably curious and inately interested in everything and am constantly in awe at the creativity of my co-residents. I see Second Life™ as many things and look at it as an education/business tool, a community, a game, a creative environment and much more.

I initially ventured into SL™ in 2005, leading a motley expedition of friends, family and work mates (this initial foray was inspired by the book Snow Crash). My connection/computer wasn't up to it so once the frustration got the better of me, I didn't come back until 2007.

Moderator for the SL™ Tourist Board - a great starting point for exploring second life. Descriptions of every picture contain a SLURL. I also have a very serious Plurk addiction (which any number of residents will confirm!).

I have played briefly with SLoodle - a tool that links with the online learning tool, Moodle and have ventured into Open Sims for a look. This for RL work related reasons... but also out of general curiousity.

Myself and Magrat Myoo (real life sister and co-owner of the Eloquence Group) have created the Eloquence Lounge and associated public spaces as a space residents can use as a home base - or as a place to hang out from time to time. We provide change rooms upstairs, freebie boxes out front of the lounge, a box opening area within teleport/flying/walking distance and more. Our only rule is to respect other residents.

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I use social networks to to communicate and share ideas and silliness other residents and to keep up with what is going on in Second Life™ and related virtual environments. I can easily be found using google search - in most networks I use use moggsoceanlane or moggs.oceanlane - I try to keep an up to date list on my blog.

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Eventful moggsoceanlane - another attempt to keep up with what's on in second life.

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Blog Spot (Blogger): moggsoceanlane - it's pretty random - it's more stuff that I think will be of interest to others than a diary of personal revelations.

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