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Myst Leissa Userpage

Forgive me if I've put this in wrong catagory I'm still trying to figure out this "Wiki" thing, anyway long story short this *should* be my userpage, including my Extended SL Profile. --Myst Leissa 20:01, 31 July 2013 (PDT)

Profile of Myst Leissa

Scripting And Intro

As stated on my in-world profile, I participate in a great deal of types of activities, ranging from bondage, to scripting, to child life RP, so as you can see the spectrum is vast. I carry a few words of caution however: my documentation tends to be long and drawn out, if that's not your style you might as well stop reading now because this is going to be a primary example of that. I am very good at LSL, and SL-MONO as it were. Outside SL I have experience with JScript (not javascript but JScript, the IE5.1 age), HTML(of course how could you not? Now a days it's like--oh HTML? Yeah I gotta editor for that, as standard--but I'm not talking about just an editor, I'm just as good in notepad.exe as Frontpage...). Back In SL I prefer to script things in thoughts of better, cheaper, faster, smaller.


I happen to be a fan of the color pink and all it's shades, however once it becomes purple it starts to lose my interest. Cute and Girly go along way toward making me happy, as do friends and family.

Pet Peeves

I do not particularly, like limits, or even barriers. That Said I see a cage as an opportunity, not an obstacle. My Thoughts on the more "adult affairs" is that it's not my style, unless it's purely bondage and no outright sex. I tend to do as I please for the most part, trying my best to stay within the rules of the areas I visit, however I tend to get frustrated by too many rules and regulations, to the point that watching a instructional video that is more than 2 or 3 minutes long is impossible.


My "Usual" form, varies quite a bit depending on where I am and what I'm doing. For example if I'm in an A-rated area I try to stick to an young adult avatar. On the other hand, I've been known to pass for a child on M-rated lands. Generally Female IC, my RL is Male.

Real Life

In Real Life, and as such a side-effect to Second Life, is the fact that I the person behind the screen suffer from a form of Autism, known as Asperger's Syndrome. Autism is a spectrum disorder and Asperger's Syndrome is a high-functioning scale end of the spectrum. What this effectively means is: I suffer from the social disabilities associated with most forms of Autism, but retain my cognitive and higher-thinking functions as if a normal person, as well as all of my senses which lower functioning categories tend to lose over their young lives.

Age Verified

For the Record, I am 27 Years old as of 7/31/2013 (date of writing; not birthday).


In all my affairs, I value honesty, trust, and honorable practices in the highest degree.

Friends & Family

I'm not looking for a partner, I have a family as it stands and that is enough for me. However, I do welcome the odd chance to explore or make new friends. In my SL, the most important thing to me, is my families(SL & RL) and friends. You do not need to bound to me by blood to be a part of my family, you only need to love and respect me for who I am. To be my friend is to be alive and will be so until an individual betrays me or causes harm to my friends/family/self.

Friends List Warning

Unfortunately, because I work with newbies a lot I do not accept friend requests out of the blue, and am known to read IMs in the same area as if they were an attempted "Pick Up Line", or worse out of the blue "hi"'s are a pet peeve of mine, going to make a point, you need get to it in the first message.

Myst Labs

Myst Labs is my workshop and store, along with several other things, want to see it? Here's a Slurl

Yangban (95, 156, 2498)🖈

You can also find my marketplace version of my labs here:

Myst Labs

My Userpages

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