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Late shall the lazy wake up, or I have to much work *giggle*. As a response to myg's nice blog about her virtual life I'll try to make up a little about mine.

Second Life:
Nadine Nozaki, it's me, where I was born the 11 January 2007. My home in in Jeffrey, where i live with my sis, Chrome. Chrome and I meet on my first day in SL and that nice lady have been my support since them.
One of the first thinks I did outside second life was to start a blog, The first post from 14 of January is not much to talk about. But there have been some better since then if i might say so my self.
I have been on flickr since February, or maybe the end of January, the oldest image i can see id from 4:th of February. But i have 4 images before that. Having a free account have it's limitations. I have meet many wounder full people thou this page, the most fascinating is my Codie, ma petite rouge.
This bleak copy of flickr, can it be used, sure it's bulk storage for spread many raw images not worth uploading on flickr.
Google pages
Tried bu never used, or how to say, make a small page there. Never came around to finish it. Late shall the lazy wake up, or I have to much work *giggle*.
A twitter look alike from finland, some really nice additions like stream add of images, blogs and so on. Updated from sl with /42, Squawk is cool wounder when they moved ready.
The newest version of the twitter idea, more private, more friends communication.
Hyped so much the Codie will definitely stay out *giggle* hides and is sure she will have to eat the words later.
Most used to try to keep track on if any body links to my blog. As no one cares, it's empty *giggle*