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{{visl |name=Nitram Foden Hi reader! :) Welcome to my user page. Here I will share some information about myself, to give you a brief idea of who I am. I've been roaming the internet for many years now; it started with dial-up connection for me with the absolute fantastic speed of 2400bps. Even to this day I'm still fascinated by the Internet, how it connects people, how it brings borders down, how it encourages you to become a part of it and can bring the best out of yourself. With that in mind, Second Life is an absolute blast for me. I have seen residents doing amazing things, creating amazing things, having an amazing Second Life. Once I was familiar with Second Life, it ins and outs, I noticed that I started helping other residents more and more. It was a natural progression: In my first life I've always helped people, and have even served my country. What has amazed me was how this fact really got bolstered in Second Life, so a logical step for me was to apply as a Second Life Mentor. I know you can always help people even without being a part of the official program, but it's very nice that other people see, recognize and know what you stand for.