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ABOUT: Noble Barnes

SL Content Creator, Advanced Scripter, Texture Artist, Sound and Animation Creator.

Projects and Exhibitions:

SL Photography and AV Portraits Designer (Mature Content Excepted)

Head Content Creator for DemoniX DesignZ Inc. - Gadgets, Vendors, Rental Systems and More.

DemoniX DesignZ Inc.

Content Creator and Lead Animator for: Animators Inc. - Standard AO style Animations, Medical Based Maternity Animations, Custom Animations and More.

Animators Inc.

Lead Texture Artist for: Textures by Noble:

Textures by Noble

Technical Services Director for: Mommy & Me Birthing and Maternity Center

Mommy & Me Birthing and Maternity Center

Texture Artist at: Textures R Us

Textures R Us

Submitted: --Noble Barnes 10:47, 17 January 2008 (PST)