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Archived Agenda notes for the Mesh Project Office Hour

February 28, 2011

Note: Linden is closed on Feb 21

  1. Where will the logs of these meetings go after the Jive forum is read-only?
  2. Can you give us an update on recent progress, what your priorities are right now, and what (if anything) you need us to test and report on right now?
  3. Are we there yet?
  4. Can we sell the skin and Mesh which were made from Avator Obj of CC BY-SA 3.0 in the second life?
    1. Can Linden Lab clarify the breadth of what constitutes re-use of the avatar mesh covered under the CC BY-SA 3.0? Please see forum post requested by Nyx earlier a couple of weeks ago for reference:
  5. Is User Group in which Nyx joins only Mesh?
  6. What is the status on the Joint Positions not working? As per the JIRA here:
  7. Will there be a quick "right-click -> Detach" option for rigged mesh as there are for normal attached prims?
  8. Can the color of the skeleton and background in the upload mesh preview window be made configurable? It's difficult to see the black wireframe skeleton against the dark blue background.
  9. The 64m prim size limit is great, but are we going to see an even higher limit(sim-sized meshes/prims)? How does the current limit affect linkability rules?
  10. Maturity ratings in the mesh sandboxes
  11. Are we near/at final streaming and physics cost calculations?
  12. Could we possibly get a hotkey combo for mesh uploads? (and for that matter, is there a specific reason why only textures get this currently?
  13. If residents cannot make more and better expressions, will the Lindens revisit them and provide new ones? Present ones are downright scary.

February 14, 2011

  1. Plan on moving to the current Mesh View build; Plans for older mesh content on Aditi in the coming month - charlar
  2. What is the license of the Collada file made from the avatar OBJ file?
  3. Any estimate when we will see API Documentation for uploading of content ? (Sculpties or meshes or even regular prims)
  4. Upload pricing finalized yet? Subscription based?
  5. Release date? Or at least an indication? Over a month? Over three months?
  6. Using a project timeline rather than a time-based timeline, where does the custom skeleton project sit? Immediately after meshes? With two or three other projects in front of it? Is it a high priority?
  7. What is the simplification process in the physics tab for? Does it work on objects with holes? - Asha
  8. Material order for meshes gets sometimes jumbled for the LOD meshes when exported, say from Blender or Maya. Is this something that the uploader will sort automatically or do we have to sort the materials ourselves editing the collada file in a text editor? The problem previously got sorted by the "consolidate" button.
  9. Your item here

Meeting Notes

February 7, 2011

  1. Can you give us an update on recent progress, what your priorities are right now, and what (if anything) you need us to test and report on right now?
  2. Are we there yet?
  3. Does object occlusion work in SL? Would a wall block the rendering of objects behind it? -Asha
  4. Are Mesh Office Hours going to die, is this the last session?
  5. The latest couple of mesh dev builds seem to be having issues opening and installing stuff related to voice. While I was able to install after ignoring the errors and haven't run in to any particular issues yet (aside from not being able to use voice) - i would like to know: is this expected behavior or is there something wrong on my end which is preventing these files from being opened and installed? - Aki.
  6. CTS-469: 10m prim and mesh limit has come back! Is this intended?
  7. What is the license of the Collada file which can use the same texture file as an avatar made from the avatar OBJ file?
  8. would it be possible (good?) to implement a "sculptie check tool" into the mesh importer, so we could import meshes AND sculpties with it from a collada file ?
  9. What are the unfilled yellow and magenta cuboids in Physics Shapes display?

January 24, 2011

  1. what happens with the special shiny setting, which was removed for open beta? also is it planned to make a better standard shiny in deferred mode which does not differ so much from normal mode (metallic look)?
  2. status on missing meshes (cts-395 and cts-406)
  3. any news to cts-381?
  4. Is it possible to translate the avatar OBJ files in second life Wiki into Collada, and to redistribute it? Does it break the license of the OBJ file? Are the Linden binary files of the avatar which the Viewer provides, and the XML file in connection with it LGPL? If it is so, we cannot sell a Collada file (or Mesh) with UV map which have compatibility with the current avatar.
  5. What are first release ? Duken Nukem Forver (releaseday 3.5.2011 after 13 years ? or Mesh in maingrid ?
  6. Can we devise some way of importing whole scenes w/ multiple objects including LoD via a single .dae?
  7. How's life with the new boss?
  8. In what way is LL going to protect the content theft for the meshes.
  9. Is the equation on the wiki page about physics costs up-to-date?
  10. How near is a decision about the maximum [prim/mesh size (64k?) ?

January 18, 2011

  1. Is CTS-395 really fixed? (see added comment 1/15/11).
  2. Parts of physics shape meshes that were flat planes were omitted from the collison shape when solid decomoposition was used. This enabled a work-around placing door hinges along an edge (sample content door readme file). This behaviour has changed so that these surfaces now appear in the physics shape. Is this intentional?
  3. in place editing of rigged meshes. Can we expect to see that ?
  4. Can we expect to see a fix for in the importer ? Or will we have to deal with unweighted vertices on our own ? (e.g. modify the exporter of our favorite tool or ensure that all vertices get weighted ...)
  5. Is there progress on the upload wizzard ? Any date when we can see a first version ?
  6. Temporary asset upload, is it feasible?
  7. How many polygons = 1 prim ?
  8. Any significant progress recently to share? What are the top issues being worked on right now?
  9. Can you give us some very rough ETA, perhaps guesstimate what quarter mesh release is likely? Hate to nag, but content creators, business owners and sim owners need some indication in order to make plans regarding product releases and builds.
  10. Any chance scaling will be added to rigged mesh while it is worn?

January 10, 2011

  1. CTS-395 objects with physics but no rendering, and similar phenomena.
  2. What is "Error threshold" setting for LOD generator in upload wizard?
  3. Can we have documentation of recent physics cost changes?
  4. Origin/Pivot and LOD mesh spatial registration (CTS-297): are any changes anticipated before release?
  5. How will Second Life keep the attraction of easy in-world building, when mesh will require experience with external expensive and complicated programs? - From Suite Sella
  6. How will Second Life filter stolen meshes from external sources such as torrents and avoid a flood of stolen content into SL, destroying many creators businesses and will to carry on creating? - From Suite Sella
  7. What is the official status of mesh import? When will it be released onto the main grid?
  8. Mesh Pilot Release" for the main grid on some pilot regions
  9. Your topic here!
  10. Update on the Mesh Status (Has it been cancelled? If not, when is the Release?)
  11. When will we see the new upload wizzard ?
  12. what features are still missing before public release ? (Where are we right now) ?
  13. Left shoe is rigged to left foot. Check "Mirror" in-world. Will you get right shoe rigged to right foot?
  14. Does joint offsets recognize joint rotations?
  15. news about "upload costs" ?
  16. How will vehicles work in long as we keep physics, itself, under 32?

December 20, 2010

  1. -Is it possible to make a checkbox for single or doublesided render of polys (Marcthur)
  2. -I have a 0.7 prim mesh, when I scale that below 0.2m it becomes 0.1 prim, any logic figures for that? At 64m it still is 0.7prim (Marcthur)
  3. -can you explain what ARC is. By making mesh clothes I wanna keep things clean and smooth (Marcthur)
  4. -My imported avatar (with weighted skin and joint pos) is hovering above ground. Pelvis z-value looks te be translated to feet. (Marcthur)
  5. -How is development coming along? any soft dates for when mesh may be going live?
  6. -Scripting: Is all the mesh scripting stuff gonna be in the primitiveparamaters functions? is there a list of what they will be yet?
  7. -Missing Mesh - any progress on CTS-395?
  8. -Is some team at LL constantly updating the JIRA UI? If so, please make them stop, I can never find what I'm looking for, and their time could be spent working on things more important (like.... helping you guys?).
  9. -Morph Targets need to at least be open to discussion. Just listen to our ideas already!
  10. Can we vsee the new streaming cost formula?
  11. With mesh only being supported in V2, is it possible to have a popup similar to entering a region running a different simulator version? Such as, "This region contains mesh, your viewer version is incapable of displaying some content." I ask because I have met several people who use v 1.x because their friends say V2 sucks, but don't actually know what they are missing and it might drive up V2 adoption and thus mesh usefulness.

December 6, 2010

  1. Will we have the ability to deform meshes with the body sliders not connected to bones? ie: butt, breast, hip, muscle.
  2. Will we have the ability to create custom skeletons for animation, or add custom bones to the SL skeleton ie: fingers, toes & tails?
  3. If you want a parcel on ADITI, see
  4. What are the top issues and priorities that the mesh team is working on right now?
  5. Can I (Reed) get a copy of a .dae featuring a scene of objects, including the LOD for each object within the scene (which is compatible w/ SL, of course)?
  6. Avatar Render cost Tool can we get this adjusted to display mesh correctly?
  7. Is there any plan to make changes concerning, Pivot points and Mesh reistration before reelease?