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I'm not sure precisely what is implied by a domain (i.e. agent and region). But if I'm at all close, it seems to me that asset domains should be part of the architecture. I envision an asset being identified by a URN (not a URL), where the asset domain is part of the URN. Assets would be requested uniformly with HTTP requests. But different domains could establish different criteria for responding to requests. Google might establish an asset domain that would fulfill any request, and these assets could be retrieved by any agent in any region. Linden Labs would undoubtedly establish one (or more) of its own asset domains that were more restrictive about which region and/or agent server requests it would honor.

Passing objects between region and/or agent domains wouldn't involve any negotiation, as the only thing being passed would be a URN.

Privileges and/or DRM wouldn't be dictated by the architecture. Different asset domains could evolve their own policies on those issues. Each asset domain would honor requests only from servers in domains they trusted to do their part in enforcing the restrictions set by the asset domain.