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Setting Description Data type Default
AdvanceSnapshot Display advanced parameter settings in snaphot interface Boolean False
AllowIdleAFK Automatically set AFK (away from keyboard) mode when idle Boolean True
AllowMultipleViewers Allow multiple viewers. Boolean False
AppearanceCameraMovement When entering appearance editing mode, camera zooms in on currently selected portion of avatar Boolean True
ArrowKeysMoveAvatar While cursor is in chat entry box, arrow keys still control your avatar Boolean True
AskedAboutCrashReports Turns off dialog asking if you want to enable crash reporting Boolean False
AudioStreamingMusic Enable streaming audio Boolean False
AudioStreamingVideo Enable streaming video Boolean False
AutoAcceptNewInventory Automatically accept new notecards/textures/landmarks Boolean False
AutoSnapshot Update snapshot when camera stops moving, or any parameter changes Boolean False
AvatarBacklight Add rim lighting to avatar rendering to approximate shininess of skin Boolean True
AvatarCompositeLimit Maximum number of avatars to display appearance changes on the fly Signed 32-bit integer 5
AvatarFeathering Avatar feathering (less is softer) Floating point 16.0


Setting Description Data type Default
BuildFeathering Build feathering (less is softer) Floating point 16.0


Setting Description Data type Default
CameraOffset Render with camera offset from view frustum (rendering debug) Boolean False
CameraOffsetBuild Default camera position relative to focus point when entering build mode Vector3 ( -6.0, 0.0, 6.0 )
CameraOffsetDefault Default camera offset from avatar Vector3 ( -3.0, 0.0, 0.75 )
ChatOnlineNotification Provide notifications for when friend log on and off of SL Boolean True
ClientSettingsFile Persisted client settings file name (per install). String
CmdLineDisableVoice Disable Voice. Boolean False
CmdLineGridChoice The user's grid choice or ip address. String
CmdLineHelperURI Command line specified helper web CGI prefix to use. String
CmdLineLoginURI Command line specified login server and CGI prefix to use. 0 LLSD
ColumnHeaderDropDownDelay Time in seconds of mouse click before column header shows sort options list Floating point ?? 0.300000011921
CustomServer Specifies IP address or hostname of grid to which you connect String


Setting Description Data type Default
DebugPermissions Log permissions for selected inventory items Boolean False
DefaultObjectTexture Texture used as 'Default' in texture picker. (UUID texture reference) String 89556747-24cb-43ed-920b-47caed15465f
DisableCameraConstraints Disable the normal bounds put on the camera by avatar position Boolean False
DisableVerticalSync Update frames as fast as possible (FALSE = update frames between display scans) Boolean True
DisplayAvatarAgentTarget Show avatar positioning locators (animation debug) Boolean ?? False
Disregard128DefaultDrawDistance Whether to use the auto default to 128 draw distance Boolean True.0
Disregard96DefaultDrawDistance Whether to use the auto default to 96 draw distance Boolean True.0
DoubleClickAutoPilot Enable double-click auto pilot Boolean False
DragAndDropToolTipDelay Seconds before displaying tooltip when performing drag and drop operation Floating point 0.10000000149
DropShadowButton Drop shadow width for buttons (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 2
DropShadowFloater Drop shadow width for floaters (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 5
DropShadowSlider Drop shadow width for sliders (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 3
DropShadowTooltip Drop shadow width for tooltips (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 4
DynamicCameraStrength Amount camera lags behind avatar motion (0 = none, 30 = avatar velocity) Floating point 2.0


Setting Description Data type Default
EnableVoiceChat Enable talking to other residents with a microphone Boolean True


Setting Description Data type Default
FilterItemsPerFrame Maximum number of inventory items to match against search filter every frame (lower to increase framerate while searching, higher to improve search speed) Signed 32-bit integer ?? 500
FindPeopleOnline Limits people search to only users who are logged on Boolean ?? True
FocusOffsetDefault Default focus point offset relative to avatar (x-axis is forward) Vector3 ( 1.0, 0.0, 1.0)
FolderAutoOpenDelay Seconds before automatically expanding the folder under the mouse when performing inventory drag and drop Floating point 0.75
FolderLoadingMessageWaitTime Seconds to wait before showing the LOADING... text in folder views Floating point 0.5
ForceShowGrid Always show grid dropdown on login screen Boolean False
FPSLogFrequency Seconds between display of FPS in log (0 for never) Floating point 60.0
FullScreen Run SL in fullscreen mode Boolean False
FullScreenAspectRatio Aspect ratio of fullscreen display (width / height) Floating point 1.33329999447
FullScreenAutoDetectAspectRatio Automatically detect proper aspect ratio for fullscreen display Boolean True
FullScreenHeight Fullscreen resolution in height Signed 32-bit integer 768
FullScreenWidth Fullscreen resolution in width Signed 32-bit integer 1024


Setting Description Data type Default
HighResSnapshot Double resolution of snapshot from current window resolution Boolean False


Setting Description Data type Default
ImagePipelineUseHTTP If TRUE use HTTP GET to fetch textures from the server (feature is disabled in versions current as of February 2009) Boolean False
InBandwidth Incoming bandwidth throttle (bps) Floating point 0.0
InventoryAutoOpenDelay Seconds before automatically opening inventory when mouse is over inventory button when performing inventory drag and drop Floating point 1.0

K - L

Setting Description Data type Default
LimitDragDistance Limit translation of object via translate tool Boolean ?? True
LimitSelectDistance Disallow selection of objects beyond max select distance Boolean True
LoginPage Login authentication page. String
LosslessJ2CUpload Use lossless compression for small image uploads Boolean False
LSLFindCaseInsensitivity Use case insensitivity when searching in LSL editor Boolean False


Setting Description Data type Default
MaxDragDistance Maximum allowed translation distance in a single operation of translate tool (meters from start point) Floating point ?? 48.0
MaxSelectDistance Maximum allowed selection distance (meters from avatar) Floating point ?? 64.0
MemoryLogFrequency Seconds between display of Memory in log (0 for never) Floating point ?? 600.0
MenuAccessKeyTime Time (seconds) in which the menu key must be tapped to move focus to the menu bar Floating point 0.25
MouseSmooth Smooths out motion of mouse when in mouselook mode. Boolean False
MuteAmbient Ambient sound effects, such as wind noise, play at 0 volume Boolean False
MuteAudio All audio plays at 0 volume (streaming audio still takes up bandwidth, for example) Boolean False
MuteMedia Media plays at 0 volume (streaming audio still takes up bandwidth) Boolean False
MuteMusic Music plays at 0 volume (streaming audio still takes up bandwidth) Boolean False
MuteSounds Sound effects play at 0 volume Boolean False
MuteUI UI sound effects play at 0 volume Boolean False
MuteVoice Voice plays at 0 volume (streaming audio still takes up bandwidth) Boolean False


Setting Description Data type Default
NoAudio Disable audio playback. Boolean False
NoHardwareProbe Disable hardware probe. Boolean False
NoInventoryLibrary Do not request inventory library. Boolean False
NoPreload Disable sound and image preload. Boolean False
NumpadControl How numpad keys control your avatar. 0 = Like the normal arrow keys, 1 = Numpad moves avatar when numlock is off, 2 = Numpad moves avatar regardless of numlock (use this if you have no numlock) Signed 32-bit integer ?? 0


Setting Description Data type Default
OpenDebugStatAdvanced Expand advanced performance stats display Boolean ?? False
OpenDebugStatBasic Expand basic performance stats display Boolean True
OpenDebugStatNet Expand network stats display Boolean True
OpenDebugStatRender Expand render stats display Boolean True
OpenDebugStatSim Expand simulator performance stats display Boolean True
OutBandwidth Outgoing bandwidth throttle (bps) Floating point 0.0


Setting Description Data type Default
PerAccountSettingsFile Persisted client settings file name (per user). String
PicksPerSecondMouseMoving How often to perform hover picks while the mouse is moving (picks per second) Floating point ?? 5.0
PicksPerSecondMouseStationary How often to perform hover picks while the mouse is stationary (picks per second) Floating point 0.0
PitchFromMousePosition Vertical range over which avatar head tracks mouse position (degrees of head rotation from top of window to bottom) Floating point 90.0
PlayTypingAnim Your avatar plays the typing animation whenever you type in the chat bar Boolean True
PrecachingDelay Delay when logging in to load world before showing it (seconds) Floating point 6.0
ProbeHardwareOnStartup Query current hardware configuration on application startup Boolean True
PurgeCacheOnNextStartup Clear local file cache next time viewer is run Boolean False
PurgeCacheOnStartup Clear local file cache every time viewer is run Boolean False

Q - R

Setting Description Data type Default
QAMode Enable Testing Features. Boolean ?? False
QuietSnapshotsToDisk Take snapshots to disk without playing animation or sound Boolean False
RenderAnisotropic Render textures using anisotropic filtering Boolean False
RenderAttachedLights Render lighted prims that are attached to avatars Boolean True
RenderAttachedParticles Render particle systems that are attached to avatars Boolean True
RenderAvatarCloth Controls if avatars use wavy cloth Boolean True
RenderAvatarLODFactor Controls level of detail of avatars (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail) Floating point 0.5
RenderAvatarMaxVisible Maximum number of avatars to display at any one time Signed 32-bit integer 35
RenderAvatarVP Use vertex programs to perform hardware skinning of avatar Boolean True
renderbeacons Beacon / Highlight particle generators Boolean False
RenderBumpmapMinDistanceSquared Maximum distance at which to render bumpmapped primitives (distance in meters, squared) Floating point 100.0
RenderCubeMap Whether we can render the cube map or not Boolean True
RenderCustomSettings Do you want to set the graphics settings yourself Boolean False
RenderDebugGL Enable strict GL debugging. Boolean False
RenderDebugPipeline Enable strict pipeline debugging. Boolean False
RenderDebugTextureBind Enable texture bind performance test. Boolean False
RenderDeferred Use deferred rendering pipeline. Boolean False
RenderDynamicLOD Dynamically adjust level of detail. Boolean True
RenderFSAASamples Number of samples to use for FSAA (0 = no AA). Unsigned 32-bit integer 0
RenderFarClip Distance of far clip plane from camera (meters) Floating point 256.0
RenderFastAlpha Use lossy alpha rendering optimization (opaque/nonexistent small alpha faces). Boolean False
RenderFastUI [NOT USED] Boolean False
RenderFlexTimeFactor Controls level of detail of flexible objects (multiplier for amount of time spent processing flex objects) Floating point 1.0
RenderFogRatio Distance from camera where fog reaches maximum density (fraction or multiple of far clip distance) Floating point 4.0
RenderGamma Sets gamma exponent for renderer Floating point 0.0
RenderGammaFull Use fully controllable gamma correction, instead of faster, hard-coded gamma correction of 2. Boolean True.0
RenderGlow Render bloom post effect. Boolean True
RenderGlowIterations Number of times to iterate the glow (higher = wider and smoother but slower) Signed 32-bit integer 2
RenderGlowLumWeights Weights for each color channel to be used in calculating luminance (should add up to 1.0) Vector3 ( 0.299, 0.587, 0.114)
RenderGlowMaxExtractAlpha Max glow alpha value for brightness extraction to auto-glow. Floating point 0.065
RenderGlowMinLuminance Min luminance intensity necessary to consider an object bright enough to automatically glow. (Gets clamped to 0 - 1.0 range) Floating point 1.0
RenderGlowResolutionPow Glow map resolution power of two. Signed 32-bit integer 9
RenderGlowStrength Additive strength of glow. Floating point 0.35
RenderGlowWarmthAmount Amount of warmth extraction to use (versus luminance extraction). 0 = lum, 1.0 = warmth Floating point 0.0
RenderGlowWarmthWeights Weight of each color channel used before finding the max warmth Vector3 (1.0, 0.5, 0.7)
RenderGlowWidth Glow sample size (higher = wider and softer but eventually more pixelated) Floating point 1.3
RenderHUDInSnapshot Display HUD attachments in snapshot Boolean False
RenderHiddenSelections Show selection lines on objects that are behind other objects Boolean True
RenderHideGroupTitle Don't show my group title in my name label Boolean False
RenderHideGroupTitleAll Show group titles in name labels Boolean False
renderhighlights Beacon / Highlight scripted objects with touch function Boolean True
RenderInitError Error occured while initializing GL Boolean False
RenderLightRadius Render the radius of selected lights Boolean False
RenderLightingDetail Amount of detail for lighting objects/avatars/terrain (0=sun/moon only, 1=enable local lights) Signed 32-bit integer 1
RenderMaxPartCount Maximum number of particles to display on screen Signed 32-bit integer 4096
RenderMaxVBOSize Maximum size of a vertex buffer (in KB). Signed 32-bit integer 32
RenderName Controls display of names above avatars (0 = never, 1 = fade, 2 = always) Signed 32-bit integer 2
RenderNameFadeDuration Time interval over which to fade avatar names (seconds) Floating point 1.0
RenderNameHideSelf Don't display own name above avatar Boolean False
RenderNameShowTime Fade avatar names after specified time (seconds) Floating point 10.0
RenderObjectBump Show bumpmapping on primitives Boolean True
RenderQualityPerformance Which graphics settings you've chosen Unsigned 32-bit integer 1
RenderReflectionDetail Detail of reflection render pass. Signed 32-bit integer 2
RenderReflectionRes Reflection map resolution. Signed 32-bit integer 64
RenderResolutionDivisor Divisor for rendering 3D scene at reduced resolution. Unsigned 32-bit integer 1
RenderShaderLODThreshold Fraction of draw distance defining the switch to a different shader LOD Floating point 1.0
RenderShaderParticleThreshold Fraction of draw distance to not use shader on particles Floating point 0.25
RenderSunDynamicRange Defines what percent brighter the sun is than local point lights (1.0 = 100% brighter. Value should not be less than 0. ). Floating point 1.0
RenderTerrainDetail Detail applied to terrain texturing (0 = none, 1 or 2 = full) Signed 32-bit integer 2
RenderTerrainLODFactor Controls level of detail of terrain (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail) Floating point 1.0
RenderTerrainScale Terrain detail texture scale Floating point 12.0
RenderTextureMemoryMultiple Multiple of texture memory value to use (should fit: 0 < value <= 1.0) Floating point 1.0
RenderTreeLODFactor Controls level of detail of vegetation (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail) Floating point 0.5
RenderUIInSnapshot Display user interface in snapshot Boolean False
RenderUnloadedAvatar Show avatars which haven't finished loading Boolean False
RenderUseFBO Whether we want to use GL_EXT_framebuffer_objects. Boolean False
RenderUseFarClip If false, frustum culling will ignore far clip plane. Boolean True
RenderUseImpostors Whether we want to use impostors for far away avatars. Boolean True
RenderUseShaderLOD Whether we want to have different shaders for LOD Boolean True
RenderUseShaderNearParticles Whether we want to use shaders on near particles Boolean False
RenderVBOEnable Use GL Vertex Buffer Objects Boolean True
RenderVolumeLODFactor Controls level of detail of primitives (multiplier for current screen area when calculated level of detail) Floating point 1.0
RenderWater Display water Boolean True
RenderWaterMipNormal Use mip maps for water normal map. Boolean True
RenderWaterRefResolution Water planar reflection resolution. Signed 32-bit integer 512
RenderWaterReflections Reflect the environment in the water. Boolean False
RotationStep All rotations via rotation tool are constrained to multiples of this unit (degrees) Floating point 1.0
RunMultipleThreads If TRUE keep background threads active during render Boolean False


Setting Description Data type Default
SafeMode Reset preferences, run in safe mode. Boolean False
SaveMinidump Save minidump for developer debugging on crash Boolean True
ServerChoice [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls which grid you connect to Signed 32-bit integer 0
ShowAllObjectHoverTip Show descriptive tooltip when mouse hovers over non-interactive and interactive objects. Boolean False
ShowHoverTips Show descriptive tooltip when mouse hovers over items in world Boolean True
ShowLeaders Boolean ?? False
ShowNearClip Boolean False
ShowPermissions Boolean False
ShowStartLocation Display starting location menu on login screen Boolean False
ShowXUINames Display XUI Names as Tooltips Boolean False
SkyAmbientScale Controls strength of ambient, or non-directional light from the sun and moon (fraction or multiple of default ambient level) Floating point 0.300000011921
SkyEditPresets Whether to be able to edit the sky defaults or not Boolean False
SkyNightColorShift Controls moonlight color (base color applied to moon as light source) Color3 (r, g, b) ( 0.699999988079, 0.699999988079, 1.0)
SkyOverrideSimSunPosition Boolean False
SkySunDefaultPosition Default position of sun in sky (direction in world coordinates) Vector3 (1.0, 0.0, 0.1)
SkyUseClassicClouds Whether to use the old Second Life particle clouds or not Boolean True
SnapshotFormat Save snapshots in this format (0 = PNG, 1 = JPEG, 2 = BMP) Signed 32-bit integer 0
SpeedTest Performance testing mode, no network Boolean False
StatsAutoRun Play back autopilot Boolean False
StatsFile Filename for stats logging output String fs.txt
StatsNumRuns Loop autopilot playback this number of times Signed 32-bit integer -1
StatsPilotFile Filename for stats logging autopilot path String pilot.txt
StatsQuitAfterRuns Quit application after this number of autopilot playback runs Boolean False
StatsSessionTrackFrameStats Track rendering and network statistics Boolean False
StatsSummaryFile Filename for stats logging summary String fss.txt
StatusBarPad Spacing between popup buttons at bottom of screen (Stand up, Release Controls) Signed 32-bit integer 10


Setting Description Data type Default
TabToTextFieldsOnly TAB key takes you to next text entry field, instead of next widget Boolean False
TextureMemory Amount of memory to use for textures in MB (0 = autodetect) Signed 32-bit integer 0
ThrottleBandwidthKBPS Maximum allowable downstream bandwidth (kilo bits per second) Floating point 500.0
ToolTipDelay Seconds before displaying tooltip when mouse stops over UI element Floating point 0.699999988079
ToolboxAutoMove [NOT USED] Boolean False
TypeAheadTimeout Time delay before clearing type-ahead buffer in lists (seconds) Floating point 1.5


Setting Description Data type Default
UIAutoScale Keep UI scale consistent across different resolutions Boolean True
UIFloaterTestBool Example saved setting for the test floater Boolean False
UseAltKeyForMenus Access menus via keyboard by tapping Alt Boolean False
UseDebugLogin Provides extra control over which grid to connect to Boolean False
UseDebugMenus Turns on "Debug" menu Boolean False
UseOcclusion Enable object culling based on occlusion (coverage) by other objects Boolean True
UseStartScreen Whether to load a start screen image or not. Boolean True
UseWebPagesOnPrims [NOT USED] Boolean False
UserConnectionPort Port that this client transmits on. Unsigned 32-bit integer 0


Setting Description Data type Default
VectorizeEnable Enable general vector operations and data alignment. Boolean ?? False
VectorizePerfTest Test SSE/vectorization performance and choose fastest version. Boolean True
VectorizeProcessor 0=Compiler Default, 1=SSE, 2=SSE2, autodetected Unsigned 32-bit integer ?? 0
VectorizeSkin Enable vector operations for avatar skinning. Boolean True
VelocityInterpolate Extrapolate object motion from last packet based on received velocity Boolean True
VerboseLogs Display source file and line number for each log item for debugging purposes Boolean False
VersionChannelName Versioning Channel Name. String Second Life Release
VertexShaderEnable Enable/disable all GLSL shaders (debug) Boolean False
VFSSalt [DO NOT MODIFY] Controls local file caching behavior Unsigned 32-bit integer 1


Setting Description Data type Default
WatchdogEnabled Controls whether the thread watchdog timer is activated. Boolean False
WaterEditPresets Whether to be able to edit the water defaults or not Boolean False
WindLightUseAtmosShaders Whether to enable or disable WindLight atmospheric shaders. Boolean True
WindowHeight SL viewer window height Signed 32-bit integer 700
WindowMaximized SL viewer window maximized on login Boolean True
WindowWidth SL viewer window width Signed 32-bit integer 1000
WindowX X coordinate of lower left corner of SL viewer window, relative to primary display (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 10
WindowY Y coordinate of lower left corner of SL viewer window, relative to primary display (pixels) Signed 32-bit integer 10
WLSkyDetail Controls vertex detail on the WindLight sky. Lower numbers will give better performance and uglier skies. Unsigned 32-bit integer 64

X -Z

Setting Description Data type Default
XferThrottle Maximum allowable downstream bandwidth for asset transfers (bits per second) Floating point 150000.0
YieldTime Yield some time to the local host. Signed 32-bit integer -1