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Scrap notes toward Italian translations of basic SL information and documentation

[12:08] Noelle Linden: all articles ready to be translated or updated are on
[12:08] Noelle Linden:
[12:08] Noelle Linden: I need to edit
[12:08] Noelle Linden: to add those articles to the list
[12:09] Noelle Linden: if you decide to take one of the top 20 and work on it 
[12:09] Noelle Linden: please make sure to indicate it on the wiki
[12:09] Noelle Linden:
[12:10] Noelle Linden: Youri, we do not have a KB for Dutch
[12:10] Torben: you could post the dutch articles on the wiki though
[12:10] Torben: in the extended KB
[12:10] Noelle Linden: sure
[12:10] Noelle Linden: you're right Torben
[12:10] Noelle Linden: let me find the link to the extended KB
[12:11] Torben:
[12:25] Noelle Linden: so, while I am away, do you feel confortable not having meetings with Lindens, and sending Rand questions when necessary ? Or Eli ?