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Updated 2009-12-22 OK, it's what we USED to do. Second Life Mentor program ended 2009-12-11.

So, you’re wondering what the Second Life Mentors do and what we are. Are we computer geniuses? Do we have untold power handed down to us from on high? Are we Lindens in disguise? Are we figments of your imagination?

Sorry to dispel all the myths, but here’s the truth. We’re just like you. Some of us are computer geniuses in a variety of ways. Some of us can program like crazy. Some of us are PC and networking experts. Some of us just try really hard. We have no special powers. We cannot leap over tall buildings. Our abuse reports mean no more or less than anybody else’s abuse reports. And, last I checked, the Lindens don’t spam as much as we do.

What we really do, simply, is try to help answer questions about Second Life. We volunteer our time. That’s right, we don’t get paid. We take time away from our friends and family because we believe in the Second Life experience, and it gives us a chance to give back to the community the experience we’ve gained through experiments, sheer luck, and the help of others.

Notice I didn’t say “we answer your questions about Second Life.” I said we’ll try. That doesn’t mean we’ll have the answer. On top of that, remember the title of the group. Second Life MENTORS, not Second Life Answer Team. Our focus is to help you find the solution. That might be searching for answers at, searching the knowledgebase, asking a whole bunch of questions. Sometimes the question you ask isn’t really what you’re interested in. You might ask where to find a couch that fits your house, and we’ll end up showing you how to modify the couch you have. We might even introduce you to topics you haven’t thought of… and perhaps you might actually be interested.

In short, we’re here not just to answer questions – we’re here to help improve your experience in Second Life. We want you to have just as much fun as we’re having. That doesn’t mean we want you to be mentors. We’re just hoping you have a good time by helping to relieve the stress of “what do I do NOW?”

OK, so where do you find us? Well, we could be anywhere. We have the ability to go to the original Orientation Islands you went to when you were a newly rezzed resident. You can’t go there because the newly-rezzed need peace without the distractions of the rest of Second Life to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing. We go there to help them figure it all out. You could find one of us walking down your favorite boulevard, dancing in your favorite club, run into us as the friend of a friend. We’re often in welcome areas such as Ahern, Hangeoul, Help Island Public, or Orientation Island Public. You could easily find us in sandboxes where we’re working on our own projects. We own shops, are dancers, escorts, builders, scripters, artists, you name it. We speak many languages, have helped to translate the wiki into multiple languages, and, more than anything, we get a kick out of helping people how to find information.

OK, this is a pretty rosy picture, right? What’s the REAL story? I mean, some of you have found someone wearing their mentor tag, you ask a question, and… nothing. No answer. Nothing at all. Or worse yet, they insult you. What’s going on here? Well, we’re in demand, what can I say? Often we’re tied up in IMs and don’t even see your question. I know that sounds unfair. And, yes, even WE need to go to the bathroom, need something to eat or drink, or have actually fallen asleep at our keyboards. Hey, it happens. Some mentors are just not nice folks. What do you do?

For those who insult you, I have been instructed to tell people that the offendee should send in an abuse report on that mentor, explaining why and including any chat that took place. You can find another mentor to ask. You can check websites, google it, hit the knowledgebase. You can even just wait until another mentor shows up. And there’s nothing wrong with giving a shout-out at a welcome area to ask for a mentor. By “shout-out,” mean actually shouting. If someone is available, they’ll answer, or they’ll ask you to wait until they are available. Sometimes, at busy places, there’s a queue to ask for assistance.

So, hang in there. We’re on your side. Try not to insult us too much if we’re having some trouble finding resources for you.  :-) We’ve succeeded in Second Life. We want you to succeed as well.